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Oct. 30, 2022

Moon Landing Hoax: Deathbed Confession of Eugene Gilmore via Director, Bart Sibrel

Moon Landing Hoax: Deathbed Confession of Eugene Gilmore via Director, Bart Sibrel

Director Bart Sibrel Hits One more Grand slam for the Group

NASA Insider Turns Deathbed Admission and Leaves out nothing

A Dead Man Tells This Insane Ass Story

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Apparently, it's at long last worked out. Interestingly, I can review that we finally have an informant filling us in on the Moon arrivals being similarly basically as phony and deceitful as we all suspected they were and knew where it counts in our souls. Any individual who moves toward the Moon arrivals with a logical mentality will reach a similar resolution as a portion of the number of inhabitants on the planet did.

The Moon Landings are fake and NASA never went to the Moon. 

Presently, anybody feigning exaggeration right now clearly has never, under any circumstance, had the delight of checking out the HD symbolism of the Lunar Module. It's, in a real sense, made from development paper and tin foil. Presently, in the event that that doesn't kick you off down the path of essentially deliberate reflection about the legitimacy of the arrivals, well, I have quite recently what will. I have many things that will, truth be told.

Director of 1998, award-winning, documentary, about the NASA, Moon-landing, hoax called - "Something Funny Happened on My way to the Moon," Bart Sibrel truly hit a homerun on this one. One more astonishing WIN for the host group-us "Conspiracy Factists."

He gathered up a deathbed admission from the oldest child of the late, Cyrus Eugene Akers, and the late Quality Gilmore, who was then loaded with malignant growth, did a detailed story, selective deathbed admission for Sibrel prior to leaving every one of us here on the planet. He did as such with a sensation report of all that he had some awareness of his dad's Cyrus Eugene Akers' story of being the head of safety at the genuine shelter inlet on base where they shot the film they displayed to everybody for human utilization. Consume, they did.

It's been more than 50 years at this point that the Moon Arrival Deception has taken care of the fire for NASA. $63 Million Bucks a day financial plan - this press button association has utilized this non-triumph for their potential benefit with general society, with congress, with oversight councils and with other space associations. In the meanwhile, they've chuckled their fat asses the entire way to the bank as they've gotten a large number of administrations for the competitors who had the option to stay quiet and keep the cash coming in for this NAZI association. The work reports continue to sparkle, the gross domestic product skyrockets, and the endorsement evaluations for whichever president is in office at the time are higher than ever. General society is unaware. This has been the carousel for more than 50 years at this point, like clockwork, no kinks in the white sheets and no blood stains on the rug.

NASA has done a crucial job in keeping the public blissful and conditioned, and they've led the misrepresentation of space in general. It's been their exclusive occupation to make space a genuine article, the Moon an area you can really visit, and they've without any help opened up the travel industry in a land where nothing, and I mean nothing, exists. The Moon isn't a spot you can travel to, and the planets are presumably just a sparkling, explanatory mirror reflecting the picture of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, or the preferences on rehash. Stars are just string lights holding up the rafters of the dark gym we all refer to as "The Universe" (for the time being, obviously).We have NASA to thank for all of that.

NASA has made a mimicked reality for the world inside something extremely simple to see is a holographic universe with a colossal side of spaceship Earth as their late prodigy R. Buckminster Fuller authored it.

Breaking the creeds of these NASA, SpaceX, and space-fan young men and young ladies will be more exciting than breaking a virgin on prom night.

From Chief Bart Sibrel
In the event that you haven't done so currently, make certain to visit his YouTube Channel and buy into the entirety of his substance. Click Here to Visit His Channel Now

One year to the day after the distribution of the life-changing book "Moon Man: The Genuine Story of a Movie Producer on the CIA Hit Rundown," which uncovers the deathbed admission of the previous Head of Safety at Gun Flying Corps Base in Clovis, New Mexico, who admitted subsequently to his cooperation in the misrepresentation of the first "moon handling," his character is at last uncovered. This foreordained holding up period was recently haggled with his sole enduring child, who himself spent the year away.

Cyrus Eugene Akers confirmed the data in the book, including not just the area of the recording of the primary phony moon arriving at his army installation, the dates it was shot, and the CIA codename for the activity; he additionally gave the names of fifteen government researchers and authorities who were permitted elite perception of this memorable government misrepresentation, some of whom are as yet alive today. The rundown was given to Akers by President Lyndon Johnson, who was there on the main day of shooting.

Undermined with execution in the event that he at any point uncovered this data, Security Boss Akers hushed up about all of this until his deathbed, the responsibility of which provoked his weepy admission to his child, who was likewise compromised with death subsequent to imparting this data to the creator of Moon Man, Bart Sibrel.

This miserable and silly, and truly pointless, duplicity was finished for pride and misappropriation. It shows the total self-importance of pioneers over their kin, who, truth be told, are supporting their own trickiness. In contrast to government cheats about war, death, or psychological oppression, the moon arrival misdirection remorselessly gave the over-believing public the satisfying sweets that they shouted out for. Attempting to remove it from them, after they accepted it with tears and cheers, by uncovering their legends as the hoodlums they truly are, faces furious opposition. Indeed, even a teacher at a significant college has so broadly said, "Regardless of whether I heard a moon space traveler admit that he never truly went, I would in any case accept that he strolled on the moon."

Luckily, another age is here, ones who were not genuinely marked by the trickery, who are unbiased to the unfurling truth of the moon arrival adulteration. Basically, what the bad government is guaranteeing is that in 1969 they went from never being in space to strolling on the moon, with just 8 years of innovative work, and that with one-millionth the figure of a mobile phone, and on the main endeavor, when even the South Pole on Earth was not reached on the principal endeavor.

Today, with 50 years of further developed rocket and PC innovation, the ongoing Artemis moon rocket required 18 years to create, had three send off disappointments, isn't sufficiently protected at this point to convey space explorers, and will just circle the moon, on the grounds that a moon lander has not yet been fostered that works. The farthest that the public authorities can send space travelers today, after 50 years, is to the space station, which is only one-thousandth the distance to the moon.

Without precedent for the whole history of the world, innovation was more noteworthy in the past than later on. This is truly unbelievable, and it simply means that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax. It isn't whenever logical flaunts are first misrepresented or legislatures have lied, as Coronavirus antibody creator Prizer has been fined billions of dollars, in numerous events, for making false cases about their logical items.

The previous high-positioning government representative, Robert McNamara, who was Protection Secretary during the Vietnam War, conceded before he passed on that the "Bay of Tonkin Episode," which was the justification for why the conflict started, was totally manufactured by the CIA. Assuming the bad government will misrepresent something that prompted the passing of 1,000,000 individuals, including 58,220 of their own residents, then I think they are fit to fake a picture on a TV.

All reality goes through three phases.
In the first place, it is disparaged,
Then, at that point, it is fiercely against,
At long last, it is acknowledged as plainly obvious.
Arthur Schopenhauer

During a time of all inclusive misdirection,
Coming clean is a progressive demonstration.
Whoever controls the past, controls what's to come.
George Orwell

One of the saddest examples of history is this:
Assuming we've been swindled sufficiently long,
We will generally dismiss any proof of a hoodwink.
We're not generally keen on figuring out reality.
The trick has caught us.
It's basically too agonizing to even consider recognizing,
indeed, even to ourselves,
that we've been taken.
When you give a fake control over you,
You never get it back.

˜Carl Sagan

It is simpler to trick individuals than to persuade them that they have been tricked.
˜Mark Twain
Sibrel has been evaluated and showed up on The This evening Show, The Everyday Show, Geraldo, The Abrams Report, Across the nation, NBC, CNN, FOX, HBO, Time Magazine, the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today


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Detection of Invisible Terrestrial Entities
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn’t long before I was researching this dome photography technique to better understand it and I came across Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Priest and Vatican Astronomer. When I started to study his “Santilli Telescope Method” that I fully understood that was what we had recreated. A more effective and more inexpensive model. 

Anyone who thinks the dome setup isnt a legit method of photography has obviously never used a telescope because it's the same basic method. I use the word "basic"because of how basic it is. It's a parabolic mirror and a lens. That's all that telescopes are as well. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians. 

If you haven't yet purchased your dome setup - it's never too late. Follow the three links below in order to purchase your dome setup now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Method in just a few days from your purchase: 

4"Glass Half Dome Paperweight

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Black Plastic Bowl (This cuts down on horizon noise)

For those of you that are new to our Skydome Atlantis research and even newer to our Santilli Telescope Method aka Shooting the Dome – it’s important that you study what I’ve included in this blog and understand that what we are showing in our images and videos are EVERYTHING we say it is. We are seeing, photographing and recording interdimensional entities and presenting them to you. It would help all of you come to terms with the reality of our research and especially our findings.

Skydome Atlantis is the theoretical base atop of the creators dome. This city is NOT floating inside of a zero g environment because that is NOT what space is. Space is NOT made up of a zero g environment. Instead it's made up of very sophisticated track systems, tethers, and recently I discovered they use A LOT of rail guns as relays in order to fake the track system where one is not available. They would use this relay system to transport themselves from A to B and sometimes C. This is a very strange construct and 100% real. There's nothing mythical about this place.

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