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Sept. 1, 2022

Meet: The Three Domes

Meet: The Three Domes

The Firmament and the Dome are Not the Same

There's NOTHING Firm within the Firmament

The Firmament Sheweth His Handywork

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
In this post we will take a look at the best images of the three domes aka firmament you will ever see. There are 3 firmament (two man made domes and the dome of the creator) - the two man made domes are on either side of the waters above and the third firmament is the creation of the creator and proof of his existence. I was on a listing frenzie today and everyone once in a while I would read the comments but I usually don't because there's too many shit talkers in FB and it can get to you sometimes. I didn't feel like being shat on today so I just didn't look. I did make the mistake of glancing at one of the comments because it was long as hell and I'm glad I did. I'm glad because not only did someone plagiarize the hell out of me, but they fucked it all up at the same damn time. They got the details all wrong from the two man made domes to the natural dome of the creator. This dude didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Then on top of it he just got stuck on the info and just started filling in the gaps with shit science we learned back in the 70s and 80s that still has yet to check out. Stuff like plates, the Earth's crust and crap like that. He might as well talk about splitting gas hydrogen atoms or doing a stop-motion-animation-space-walk.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

Genesis: Firmamento Illustrati 

Our flat earth is encapsulated by a molten lava looking glass called an obsidian dome..!
Truth: There are three domes around us - two are manmade and one is the creators dome. The first two domes around us (the man made domes are on either side of the waters above - above and below. They are made of a reflective, rectangle glass that are currently being installed now to date. The reason they needed repaired are because of a serious accident which occurred during the great war. A huge disc came flying into the domes from outside the ship. Evidently they're NOT impenetrable.

The obsidian dome that encapsulates our earth prevents the water above & below from flooding, both the ocean and the sky are blue during the day and dark at night...! The sky and ocean are both transparent but the sun reflects the bluish hue from the Obsidian dome giving the blue water & sky effect...!
Truth: Besides the obsidian - close enough.

The dome explains our atmosphere & why we have clouds, rainbows, sun dogs, thunder and an ozone layer etc...!
Truth: The dome is just a capsule - everything is simulated. The weather, the heat, the wind - all done by machinery. There's NOTHING natural on this ship or in this construct. NOTHING at all.

If a Flat Earther does not know of the dome it is very important to let them know....! The Earth is flat and there is an encapsulating crystalline glass mirror Obsidian dome atop..!
Truth: If a flat earther doesn't know about the dome by now they never will. They might have a touch of the downs.

No dome, No atmosphere, No dome, no clouds etc...! Even Copernicus' heliocentric model included an outer Dome that held the Stars...! Obsidian is volcanic glass that forms when molten lava cools too rapidly to crystallize..! It consists mostly of Silicon Dioxide..!
Truth: I've already addressed the atmosphere in previous notes - The clouds are fake, the 2 man made domes are fake. Everything is dome with technologies.
Next Up - Copernicus - This along with many other made up names of greek philosophers never existed. You can back track their "teachings"and all of them ALWAYS seem to end at the first in alexandria. If you believe that shit I'll tell you another one. These people aren't real. The story of the fire in Alexandria is fake too. That place never existed nor did the books within. That's just the power-that-be's way of throwing us people who actually research off the trail.

Next Up - the outermost dome doesn't actually hold any stars. Because it has wavy textures to it as it's made from a heavy water or a gel-like material it gives the look of hammered glass. In fact because it's the outside wall of the ship we are in it's the closest to the light source which feeds all stars, all holographic planets, nebulae, the sun the moon and everything in between. This dome doesn't have any stars - it just looks like it does because the external light source catches the textured wall and illuminates it in such a way that it makes it appear to have stars in it. Most of the stars we can see and study are just above the clouds at 30,000-100,000ft up.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

Finally under our earths crust, there are layers of mostly black lava basalt that covers the bottom portion of our Plain, and meets towards the top to form the crystalline Obsidian blue dome....! If you research the properties of the domes materials you will better understand our atmosphere....!
NOTE: This is so incorrect I don't even know where to start.
First: We don't know anything about the Earth's crust - the furthest we've ever ventured down was something like 8-13 miles. This was a simple borehole in Siberia. It's a very famous project and can still be studied today. That's the most I'm going to talk about the Earth's Crust.
Next Up: Our Earth doesn't meet the dome. It doesn't touch it and it doesn't even come near it.
Next Up: The domes material has nothing to do with the atmosphere. I believe he is basing this off of that bullshit story released about some Italian idiot who lied and said that our dome is made out of a blue rock called "Sky Stone" that story was so far from believable I'm not touching it any further than this. Please reference the photo I've shared as to what the dome looks like and what it's made out of. It's not even blue.

Genesis 1: Firmamento Illustrati 

All of this is sitting in a dip of ice that protrudes up as the antarctic circular ice wall framing our continents, that the dome comes up from making the most perfect aquaponics terrarium, ie, our earth that we live on...! The dome is made mostly of volcanic obsidian lava glass, Ice, and other gems, like sapphire and white mica ( similar to the mica used on the Giza pyramid casings) are also incorporated in the construct of the Dome....! The dome is similar to the human body in that, it is hard flexible breathable, intuitive, energetic and self regenerative...! When we observe a meteor or a shooting star, it is actually pieces of the sky falling, the lava obsidian dome is similar to our skin in that it sheds constantly...!

This coincides with the Dome "Bubble" senario..!
When volcanic molten lava breaks down into obsidian blue glass, due to liquid hydrostatic pressure, changes within the phase of the medium causes a breakdown into a spherical bubble process...! Bubble spheres, exist in gas pockets at the surface of electrodes in the antarctic ice exterior, the bubbles, when applied to earth's electric field radio wave electric mediums, elongate those spherical bubbles until the obsidian domes length is met with low atmospheric high pressure low oxygen, creating a fluid bearing hydrostatic equilibrium, with the continual flow of lava from volcanoes, we get a continuous obsidian blue glass dome encapsulating our flat plane of earth...!

(This scenario also follows Paschen's law) the lava obsidian dome is similar to our skin, in that it sheds constantly...! Our dome is shedding its impurities through the final stage, as metal drippings of iron drop back to earth, in the form of what we call asteroids or meteors, from the goldstone stars to be re-used in the recycling process of our aquaponics terrarium electrical flat earth obsidian dome that we are encompassed in....!

You see, obsidian is a great dielectric, you can receive radio waves in most houses made of brick, wood, plaster, wall board, cement etc..! However, buildings made of metal or metal coated glasses, or steel reinforced concrete, reflect most of the radio energy...! Obsidian is the answer to the liquid molten lava looking glass.

My sleeping fellow souls, when they fell from grace , no war in heaven, FELL FROM GRACE, the Ark constructed her/his kingdom down here, the Source that created all life created the fallen Ark , the Source did NOT create any religion there was no need to.

Genesis as i keep echoing in my informed field was the beginning of the Arks experiment and rule, the Source coded this reality, this earth by numbers, the whole planet was a garden of Eden. The fall from grace added to the original code, thus we all became the virus , this construct and everything that happens, evolves in it is all done by design, Lucifer fell why??? WE ALL are escorted in this game of life by the LIGHT BEARER, Satan/Lucifer/devil.

Sin was uploaded into our genes by the fallen, Adam Lilith and Eve were the beginning of the experiment, the bible is a book of spells. use discernment to see the truth in plain sight, we obtained the gift of wisdom when we ate the divine fig.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

All church are the house of who???? God./LUCIFER. IF THE LIGHT BE DARK HOW GREAT THE DARKNESS, THE LIGHT BEARER THAT ESCORTS YOU INTO HIS HELL IS A MASTERMIND, we all are on the air waves constructed by who, we all do Lucifers bidding, we all genetically related to the fallen. We all are programmed and brainwashed since birth by design to not know who we truly are and how powerful we all can become and also not to know who the true creator is.

Clue we never were created with DNA we all were chromos, DNA WAS added in the beginning of the experiment. To know the true creator one must flow in her vibration fully, she then flows clarity of all back into you. All doors open that you could not see though they were right in front of you.

Truths become lies and Lies become truths, nothing can hide from the true creators light, everything is exposed , you see all. I know so much, your minds will not nor can not comprehend because you all are attached to, chained to your ego, pride, to yourself. The self is the cross you all bare.

Please note I'm ONLY calling it firmament to relate with those who don't know there is a difference. Firmament is nothing more than the atmosphere, the sky, the expanse. So anyone who doesn't believe is the firmament is because they never bothered to read the definition before arguing with those who also never bothered to read what the firmament really is.
Just to settle this for everyone who is too lazy to read the definition. The firmament is just the atmosphere, it's the expanse of sky above our heads and NOT the dome.
They say - there's NOTHING FIRM WITHIN THE FIRMAMENT. It's merely the atmosphere, the air, the oxygen and the air pressure which separates the waters above from the waters below. Nothing more, nothing less.

Genesis 1: Firmamento Illustrati 

PSALMS: 19:1

There is a comma in between the same thought to separate the two. They're telling you here they're talking about the heavens above, the sky! Commas ALWAYS separate the same thought in a sentence. You NEVER have to completely different thoughts in the same sentence separated by a comma.

Jenna went to the store, Barry went with her. (To the store)

Jenna went to the store, I have lint in my belly button. (To the store?) hmmmmm no!

This is just basic English guys and gals. There’s no argument to be had here. Now don’t start asking me questions that you now assume are my responsibility to know and answer. I’m not the representative of the Firmament. I just know how to read and I’m not scared to do it. I also understand what I’m reading and I obtain the information for later use - like now.
100% of the people that read this aren’t going to agree with me - I really don’t care. You not agreeing with me or you agreeing with me doesn’t change the fact that the Firmament and the dome are two entirely different things.

Another Proof: The Hebrew Term Raquia
Raquia is the original word used to describe this expanse of sky used to separate the waters above from the waters below. Just think of it like a bubble. The word raquia was translated to English and replaced with Firmament but in my opinion was a bad idea because it offers the idea that there is something firm we should be looking for. Wrong - this is why I don’t read the King James Version. Because King James used REALLY HORRIBLE TRANSLATORS that used words like Firmament and thought that would be a good idea. Look how many issues it’s created. Half the people who absolutely know the Earth is flat won’t sign up to the idea or trust their own senses because of one stupid word and the idea that it represents.
The word firmament makes every flat earther look like a nutcase. But if you were to kindly explain to those on the fence that the glass dome around Earth doesn’t actually exist and is merely a bubble and an expanse of atmosphere then the idea becomes so much easier to stomach.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

Little do they know there really is a dome around Earth - 3 of them. But these domes have NOTHING to do with the firmament. So it’s better the two NOT be related ever again.
There's nothing firm about the firmament . The firmament just means the sky - God didn’t build a glass dome but someone else is building it right now around us because you gave the green light and swore it was a creation but God himself.

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Now back to it....

I live in San Gabriel, CA and just a two weeks ago I had my large camera and lens out randomly and recording the sky above. I was saving all of my data to a memory chip and I caught something very strange; what I caught was very strange.

Genesis 1: Firmamento Illustrati 

Over top of the clouds I caught a very large work crew out in Lower Earth Orbit that was building a barrier around the sky over my city and every adjoining city. This barrier was being built by use of multiple track systems as long as and as far as the sky. It was quite amazing to watch but there were a lot of complications and byproducts to their new creation.
This barrier was made of (I can only speculate) very large glass squares or rectangles. This barrier can be found in the Bible as something called "The Firmament." This Firmament is something Christians have attributed to proof of God but unfortunately they've misunderstood the translated text and the definition of the word.
Lately, there has been an increase in the temperatures around my city, state, the country and our world as a whole. I'm positive this increase is because of that glass barrier for which they have constructed everywhere. I'm unsure if this is a NASA project, or something from the DOD, DOE, DOJ or the likes.

I've started a petition because the heat picked up in my area, your area and every other area around the world on the same
exact day I announced to the world that I witnessed a very large work crew in the sky overtop of my town / city building a glass structure that
perfectly matched the structure people have begun calling "The Dome"or "The Firmament."Here's the problem.

This structure is NOT the Firmament and it's NOT the Dome that was discussed in the Bible. Actually, it's nothing close to
the thing for which God called "The Firmament."Because of this misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the translated text in the Bible we've all given the green-light to the powers that be to build a glass structure over our heads which is greatly raising the temperature of our Earth. Due to this temperature rise I'm hearing so much more talk about Global Warming and the end of the World. This is a strategic plan by the powers that be and I need them to know we are very much aware of the glass structures they are building over our heads as the reasoning for this increased temperature and NOT anything else. Please sign my petition and check back here momentarily for HD photos and videos of the work crew in question, of the glass structure itself and more.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

The firmament (or the original Hebrew term "Raquia") means the Perception of curvature to the sky or the expanse for which is it laid out. There is NOTHING firm about the firmament. There's nothing solid, nothing structural, nothing solid at all. The firmament just means the sky as a whole - it means the entirety of the sky - the atmosphere, the clouds, the lights, the expanse an and even the clouds.

What the firmament doesn't mean - it doesn't mean the glass structure for which is being built in our skies over our heads currently.
Please take the time to sign my petition because we need to let the powers that be know we're no longer looking to the heavens for verification of our creator - we are looking within. Now when we look externally we see a glass dome which is the direct result and purpose of these increased temperatures. We are no longer fooled and we want this glass dome jail brought down.

This is why he’s called “The Light Bearer” and Why He’s Been Celebrated for Illuminating the Souls of Man
He’s Brought Light to Our Construct and to Our Lives

The Son of Morning, the Morning Star and the Light Bearer - This is Just the Beginning of Who he is and What He’s Done for Mankind
Boogie Man Channel - - When we think of the creation story, we think of a dusty old white guy looking A LOT like Kenny Rogers on a cloud, waving a wand and doing the damn thing. This entire week I've been pouring over maps, pouring over data and racking my brain.

Being raised Roman Catholic, an alter boy, taking my communion at St. Patrick's and named after Father Andrew Joseph Fontanelle it's hard to get that imagery out of my head and stay open to the possibilities of well, anything. How do you move yourself out of the old and move into the much older? How do you forget about God and venture to the Godless?

Genesis 1: Firmamento Illustrati 

What can you expect? Dragons? Knights? Fairies? Magicians? Wars between Orcs and Men? More like wars between giant Orcs and giant dragons - that sounds more about the speed we're headed here. I want to sugar coat this data for you. I want to make it sweet, soft and pureed. I want to make it easy to chew, gentle on the tummy and very easy to swallow but that's not where we're from. That's not who we are and it's definitely not our history. This is a land of sacrifice, a land of blood, wars and definitely dominance. This is not a land that shall be inherited by the weak unless you're speaking in terms of those who met their end by the edge of a blade and reincarnated in spirit form.

This is not a tale of pixies, stardust and crystalline structures. This is not a place you think Tartaria existed. This is not a land free of blood, murder, tears and sweat. Sweat from survival, sweat from swinging a war hammer at beasts of nightmares. This is not the heaven packed with 17 virgins to every man. There is however a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The gold in this story is shade of the creators skin. The rainbow is the frequency of light he mastered in order to create all that we know, love and will lose one day.

This is a story of the simulation we call the universe, the garden of eden we call Earth and the heavens above we call - Orion's Nebula. This is a story of the creator comparable to the wizard of Oz, his forethought to make this place inhabitable, the light-bearer who illuminated it and brought it within the Goldilocks zone and the Elohim who work hard everyday to keep it all running smoothly. The Cherubim, the leprechauns, the black eyed children, the tricksters we call Satans, the accusers, the Ophanim, Seraphim with their face as bright as the Sun, the Sun Simulator, Dark Waters, Skydome Atlantis and all of the others with their place within the Kingdom of Heaven who made it all possible. This story is for you. This map is to mark your work, your triumph, your thoughts, theories and ideas about what the Earth could be one day with just a little elbow grease, hard work and dedication. You were right; you saw the gem within the void and you made it what it is today. I wouldn't be here, my wife, my family and all of my friends wouldn't be possible if not for you. I now understand why you created us, the story of religion and the tons of backstories that brought us here; your footstool.

Most of all I want to thank you for all of the breadcrumbs you left for us all in the ancient art, the literature, the poetry and most definitely the clues you left in front of our eyes for those paying attention. I was paying attention and soon we'll all be together. Before you ask, yes - I'll take the job. I would love to join the team, you already know my qualifications and my dedication to the truth. You know everything about me - you made me and I owe you a lifetime of hard work to pay it off. Keep my seat warm, I'll be there soon!
This map is more than just that. This map is our past, present and even our future. This is the land before God. This is the land before all. This is the land where the men of renowned were sent. This is hell. This is the below, the footstool of God and his kingdom. This is his creation, his dream for the future and his plans for all of us. This is his toy, his plaything. This is his hobby and his legacy.

Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming

This is also his flaw, his mistakes and his only hope to make it all better. This is proof he isn't perfect, this is his resume, his qualifications and his greatness. This is his worst and best endeavor, his success and failure. The record of both. This is the greatest and worst thing he's ever done for anyone. This is something he needs to stay clear of for his own health but it's something he holds near to his unhealthy heart. This is every shade of his rainbow and every layer of his being.

We are he, he be us and together we are God! We are the manifestations of greatness and tragedy. The imperfect reflection of all. We are the almighty and the darkness of the void. We are every color of the rainbow and every frequency in the prism which creates.

Genesis 1: Firmamento Illustrati 

We are the good, immeasurable, born without, knowing not, connected but disconnected. Hive-minded without attempt, best in show and hidden behind the mask of our former selves. This is the world, this is the matrix and we are in it, around it. The super computer, the highway running off of hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties. Wants, needs, love and of course hate. This is an engine with no off switch, a creation with intelligent movement, self-reliant, self-replicating, omnipotent, omnipresent, alive, alert and wanting to create, expand and move as far and as wide as possible. Shaping, reshaping itself and every living and non-living thing around it. We are here in a non-linear presence, all at one time.
The sound of heartbeats, coughs, whistles, steps, claps, breaths, pulses and the fluttering of wings. Water rushing, sinks dripping, leaves rustling, winds which move sands and morph the shape of the Earth under our feet. The winds above our heads which wrap the clouds around the technologies of the gods - all are important, all are within our grasp. All which make up the simulation we know as our truth, our existence and our only knowledge of the universe around us. This is our home, our temple, our body, our soul and our inheritance from the creator. The echos of the ancients, the cries of the future, all within grasp but slipping away.

We find ourselves existing from pure light, the good which runs us all, creates us all. Without it nothing exists. Nothing achievable. The light is our soul, the light is our way, the light is our truth, the beginning, the end, the separation between it all. The fastest route as well as the most challenging path. The simplest form to fill out and the most complex mathematical equation. The fiery chariot (merkaba) for which the words of creation traveled with the void.

The light is the spoon to which feeds our eyes the truth. The cable which holds the data and transports it to the akashic library for download by our collective subconscious. It's the raft in the plasma streams, the fan within the aether winds. The control and freedom to know the difference. The truth as well as the lies in the skies that open our minds to insane possibilities throughout our visual spectrum. It's barriers are limitless and it's truths boundless. The light allows you to choose what you want to accept as truth and write-off as digital anomalies, noise, pixelation or blur.

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Now before we start anything I would like you all to sign my petition:

A Glass Dome Around Earth is NOT Proof of God; it's Proof Someone is Faking Global Warming