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Jan. 9, 2023

Meet: Bexx 7' W X 7' L BIG F****** Bath Towel - This Thing is Amazing

Meet: Bexx 7' W X 7' L BIG F****** Bath Towel - This Thing is Amazing

We are Now Making Bexx BFT - BIG F****** Towels and You can Pre-Order Yours Right F****** Now

Maybe You Didn't Hear Me - Go to and Order the BIG F****** Towel by BEXX Home and Bath Collection

BEXX BIG F****** Bath Towels Only Available at

When we Say BIG, We Mean BIG F****** Towels

We're Not Playin'

Get ready for the biggest & best bath towels to ever hit the market. 

For years, we've been looking for towels to take with us on our family vacations. We've been looking for huge towels to replace the old, small towels in our bathroom and closet for our daughters and son's shower time and baths. As our children get larger and they grow larger everyday - the towels in our bathroom just get smaller and smaller. We've been looking for towels for the beach, towels for the pool. Just to make a long story very short - there's no oversized towels anywhere to be found online or off. Is the supersized towel machine broken somewhere?  It never fails, every year as our family gets ready to go on our big vacation for the year at summertime I start to shop for huge towels online because I want to bring some with me on the plane, to the hotel. I love the hotels we stay at - I hate the little towels the hotel gives us and rents to us at the pool. Frankly - those towels suck! I want a BIG F****** Towel and I'm not going to be happy until I find one. Honestly, 10 years straight I've looked for large towels for the shower, I've looked high and low for big big towels for the pool, I've looked and looked for huge towels for the beach - there's none to be found. Every year, the sellers of oversized beach towels grows by about 3 sellers per year. It never fails - they sell their ugly towels for a week, they sell out and they never reorder or make more. No thanks!



Now, on the other hand - as we old people get older and smaller our towels shrivel away to nothing and we're drying ourselves with these itty bitty pieces of leftover string thats ONLY being held by the power of God. My point is an easy one for you all to understand -
Where are all of the BIG F****** Towels? Well my friends, we can finally answer that question and we'll do it here and now - BEXX has the BIG F****** Towels and now you can too.

I want over-sized, thick and soft, bath towels - why is this so hard to find? I can't answer that question - nor could any of our friends and family. I'm tired of asking that question so were making them and selling them ourselves. This is ridiculous. If you want something right - you have have to make the BIG F****** Towels yourself.

So that's why we are now offering Bexx Big F****** Towels. We've never been more excited to say it! This is the pre-order page for BEXX BIG F****** Towels - and yes, you must always say it like that because that's what they are called. The Bexx BFT and you know what that stands for now.

BEXX BFTs for Bath and Shower Details

  • Length: 7' Top to Bottom (7 Lovely Feet of Towel)
  • Width: 7' Across (7 Lovely Feet of Towel)
  • Double Quilted
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Rounded Corners
  • Streamlined with a Solid-Colored Light Grey Seam on All Sides
  • Pure White Towel, Bright, Clean, Thick and Soft AF....

In a Nutshell

This BIG F****** Towel is 7 Foot X 7 Foot (a perfect square), it's a pure white bath towel, perfect for the bathroom. It has rounded corners and a solid colored grey border that goes the entire way around. It's constructed of 100% Egyptian cotton (organically grown) with a 300 thread count. It's soft, it's thick, it's perfect - and it's the BIG F****** Towel that you've been looking for.


Get it about two weeks

No more looking - now you can pre-order this BFT to be the first to get it as soon as we get them out of the manufacturing process and into the "sending them to your home"process. That should be within a two week time period from today's date. Really, they are towels - they won't be that difficult to manufacture. We finished the planning phase today and we already made 30 of them just sitting around the shop and messing around. They're so easy to make. We should've been in the BFT business from the beginning.