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Dec. 6, 2022

January 24, 2023 is the Day, We as a whole, Get.....Dead

January 24, 2023 is the Day, We as a whole, Get.....Dead

God has a Message and 1/24/2023 is The point at which It's Being Guaranteed
this is definitely not a Game, Nor has it At any point Been

We should Get Right with the Large Man Higher up. In the event that I'm Least You Didn't Kick the bucket, Correct?

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Around fourteen days prior now, I began getting extremely clear, and exceptionally abnormal messages about something many refer to as the "Apophis" which were out of control. These spots compare to....right before my face and yours. In a video I'll be delivering today, I'll show you all how to peruse these messages. You can say they come from God, you can say they come from divine messengers. It doesn't matter to me where you say they come from. The Significant part is that you're getting the damn things. Heres the issue. As the day draws nearer, my channel gets increasingly edited. I've had this site up for very nearly 10 years now and as of late has my traffic been sliced to 50 guests per day. I'm positive that those 50 guests are individuals whom are likewise ensuring that no one comes to it. Is it safe to say that you are letting me know Google, Bing, Hurray, Suck-a-Duck-Go, DogPile (and whoever else believes they're a web crawler) that following 8 years you can't find anything out of the 5000 online journals, digital recordings, pages, features, picture displays, video exhibitions, virtual entertainment segments, sky study, music displays, stores, channels, faqs, illustrations, addresses thus significantly more that you can't a thing to file my substance under to give me more than 3 (Google in the event that I'm fortunate) page hits a day....not page hits a day? You're so brimming with s****. This weighty as hellfire control we are encountering here and on the channel lets me know that we're getting Very near D-day. This lets me know that there's no more disarray on the date and times....I'm going with January 24, 2023.

let's talk about the future, of you, me, and everything, everyone that we've ever loved.

let's take a second to visit the track systems over Earth associated with the Apophis cataclysm.


Let's not mince words, the whole unit and ka-bootle won't happen on that day. That will simply be the start of the franticness. It will likely beginning with a weighty downpour which will go on until something Scriptural, say....Lent? That sounds spot on. When Loaned comes, or around Lent...let's say....April 13, 2023 - that is the point at which anything could occur. I'm simply kicking around certain thoughts however I figure we might see the dropping of a space rock from the Apophis stones (or two). I trust the separating and the annihilation of the track framework will be the fundamental show. At the point when the track framework breaks and falls, we are checking out at absolute obliteration to the Earth and everybody on it. That is without a doubt and not a discussion that should be had past...everyone kicks the bucket.

Starting from the principal sign I've been seeing lots of them. Truly I can't open my eyes without being overwhelmed with data. It's assumed control over my days and this is currently the way that I'm spending them. Translating and disentangling these messages. It might sound simple to you however it's not. It's stunningly hard and distressing. All of these messages shows me, my friends and family, my better half, my companions, and everybody I've at any point known and loved....die. In a horrendous style passing. A passing welcomed on by disastrous demise of scriptural extent. A passing that can't be stayed away from or switched. Besides the fact that they showing are me these passings however they're provoking me with misshaped pictures of the track framework, they're showing me Jesus on mists being destroyed and tossed to his demise in 300-500 ft waves. Finished off with volcanic emissions, thick dark air excessively poisonous to breath, everyone ablaze; rushing to the nearest, bubbling water, source, just to consume themselves to smother their blazes. Twists, blasting up to 150 mph and tossing military tanks, shopping centers, schools and town halls miles not too far off into the adjoining district. The most horrendously terrible of it are the tidal waves moving throughout wide open spaces and pushing everything under a mile of sea water before you could in fact figure how to caution individuals and remotely guide them on where to go and run. God's rage is second to none and for reasons unknown he is finished with all of us. He's over the special night stage and he needs his cash back.

It's finished, the day is coming, the final days are coming; the fact of the matter is composed all around the sky, in the shrubs and trees - I'm terrified AF. I don't have any idea what to do, who to tell or where to teach any of us to try and go. this is a worldwide occasion and demolition is far past Scriptural. It's an all out reset of life and I don't know it's being supplanted once taken out.

You know, and I know; not even one of them are likely right. No one knows when any of this will happen aside from God himself. I need no piece of it except for in the event that the best anyone can hope for at this point is to caution individuals, well - I can deal with that part. the issue is; I accept it will be utilized against me. I'm going to be made to look insane. I will be tossed behind bars by the adversary very much like it says in the book of Daniel. I'm anticipating all of this from there, the sky is the limit. I know that when this happens I'll be given a final offer very much like Daniel got. They will undermine me with life sentences and never seeing the site of my family or companions once more. They will make me feel that I won't ever come around from this point onward. As a trade-off for letting me out I should make a request manage the El himself. However, what will he need? My spirit? As it were, yes. Once more actually, he will need me back here for one more deployment. He going to need me to reenlist very much as he does each time this has at any point occurred. He's going to temp me with his phony ass Eden very much as he's doing now. They'll pull crappy games like making it challenging to get into Eden so I need to put in more effort and fail to remember the way that once I enter I can't leave. He'll take care of me dreams of more fantastic, similar to I'm a VIP to come, similar to I have colossal cash from here on out, he'll inspire me to join his Fallen....he's doing it as of now. He will attempt to cause me to accept that he's my genuine dad and that he's cherished me my whole life, he's watched me develop from a good ways and ensure I was in capable hands alongside my Mom and Sibling. He's as of now making it happen.

At the point when that doesn't work, he'll cause me to trust that I'm in a state of extreme lethargy and dreaming all of this. He'll make me beleive I truly dieed one of the times I've OD'd in the past back when I utilized. He will make me think I had chance toward the rear of the head or back strolling down the road with my sibling. This has occurred previously (being shot at...not hit) however this one exceptional time, it must've at long last killed me. At the point when absolutely no part of this works he will toss me a definitive keepsake.. He will offer me an opportunity to get away from my agreement with him and rewind my life back to the prior days I have at any point utilized a medication before in my life. that will be an enticing one and I continue to acknowledge it previously. I take the arrangement again and again in light of the fact that he knows the amount I disdain myself for getting high and dependent on the ways of life I got over time. It will take all that I must not take it but rather he knows that I am so frantic to get right of the recollections, to dispose of the disappointments, the torments I put my family, my better half and myself through.

He realizes I need to disregard the bombed self destruction endeavors, the recoveries and the aggravation awakening dope wiped out ordinarily for quite a long time. He knows the amount I need to take everything back and partake in the victories I would've encounters while being clearheaded and never taking a narcotic in my life. He knows the amount I used to very much want to hit the dance floor with her in my arms. He knows how my students would stick when I looked at her affectionately without flinching. He knows the unpleasant pleasantness of her breath when we kissed. The vinegar taste of her skin with I licked and sucked all her inchs. He knows how cautious I would be not to drop her and how defensive I would be to not let any other person approach her. I could never share her adoration. He knew that poop. Just he and Bexx realize that there was just a single other young lady in my life that I would never bid farewell as well.

I figured the world would end assuming that I at any point quit her. I assumed I was excessively feeble to bid farewell. I was unable to see myself without her. I dated her so lengthy and screwed her as an afterthought for some lengthy that I was unable to recollect life before her. He had some awareness of the infidelity, the lying, cardinal sins I committed and the value I expected to pay for how I had managed her. I was able to discard everything to accompany her. I quit thinking often about existence, I began seeing the world for what it truly is a result of her. The moment she showed me that the world was. nShe gave me the energy, the drive to succeed yet I recently continued to come up short in light of her. He made me insane, not positively. He made me authentic nuts and every other person could see it yet me. She obliterated me, she removed my spirit, she destroyed me, she demolished my kinships, she destroyed my affection for everything. I would've sold Bexx in the city to see a greater amount of her and get a greater amount of her. This young lady was malicious and she didn't really mind who on earth knew it. He knew how terrible we were for each other and he recently watched and snickered. He realized he had me by the veins, by the balls, by the pocket and by the strings that pulled me. I was unable to leave a little range away from my blockhead boi. I was on a chain. Assuming I went excessively far, I became ill. At the point when I became ill I would exchange the world to improve. I never took, however I would have. If not for the past progress she was rapidly demolishing when we were together I would've been even most terrible than I was.

This is definitely not an effective romantic tale about a kid and a young lady. This was a gathering thing. This was a tale about a prostitute who hopped from man to lady, to man and back once more. She was a world breeze of dread. She demolished lives she's actually making it happen. She's a well grounded person yet it appears she simply gets all the more destructive with time. She has new deceives up her spoiled sleeves and her old worn out sweater she copped from the salvation armed force. It didn't make any difference when she wore or how she wore it - she was so attractive and grabbed each attention when she strolled in the entryway. She's forever been a characteristic wonder with her dim earthy colored skin yet as of late did she get another pack child. It was another companion she was spending time with and wanted to have trios. Her name is fentanyl and she's even most awful than woman H. She's 10x more grounded and seriously requesting. She's not content until everybody peaks and drops on the floor. So high off of their adoration fools are neglecting to breath and becoming blue with energy.

What Lucifer neglect is the I have the Leiv (the core of the Lion) and I alway have. I won't ever lose this drive. He realizes I was brought into the world with a lot of drive, an excess of assurance, a contempt for this God-spurned place and the need to kick ass. I've been doing this and more my whole life. I don't know why he could at any point question that I would lose this, or even quit utilizing it. On the off chance that it took the apocalypse to stop drugs, it would take the demise of God to lose my drive and my heart. It would take a genuine dark opening sucking in the universe to cause me to lose my significant other. I love that lady more than life itself and I love her beyond what I might at any point adore myself. So to lose her is to realize I would do anything an option for me to prevent it from working out.

I'm saying this since that sounds straightaway. That sounds the last and final bit of ridiculousness, truly. I realize this poo excessively well thus does he. I know everything he might do, is it since he truly is my dad (I'm a knave) or is it since extraordinary personalities truly think the same? One way or the other this is war. I don't despise Lucifer, he is the informer and he does what he does. He does it damn well assuming that I should say so myself. To this end he is Lord of Earth - In the event that he has a chief, they picked carefully.

On the off chance that Father God truly exists, I accept I disdain him more than I at any point could Lucifer. Basically you know what's in store from Lucifer. God is wad of terrible jokes, shrouded in smelling butt hole. He's a knave and I quit commending him quite some time in the past. Soon after the day I was conceived. It was bat poop ball, after bat crap ball he was giving me and telling me these were all things considered, great days. You can kick me in the nuts all you need as well yet God makes an honest effort to charge you for those kicks like they are unique since they come from his feet. Indeed, I'm not accepting and, it appears to be nor are the Fallen or Lucifer. Clearly I can't fault them. As a matter of fact, I recognize them for having that conflict in paradise with the Dad. I think it was far beyond due and something everybody ought to attempt once. It appears to be that the main individual known to man that is permitted to have a debilitated funny bone is God himself. God prohibit you make a similar wisecrack and yo won't ever see Eden beyond the pamphlets. My point is this - I'm finished calling a spade a digging tool. I'm finished inclination the aggravation my back as I cause my own downfall while an undertaker watches and lets me know what I'm fouling up each and every other word. Who put this person in power and for what reason is this world so F****D Up? For what reason would we say we are commending him for these slip-ups that are unmitigated and simple to select? For what reason does he gain just esteem and in the mean time we the mindless followers are stuck down here in the nose drains getting crap on by each pigeon calling himself a Bald Eagle flying by with one wing spiraling to the ground? For what reason is this spot so F****D Up? For what reason am I the only one saying anything? I'm tired of defeatists, I'm tired of being the miscreant when I'm the one individual that had the balls to get out whatever every other person was thinking. For what reason would we say we are misleading ourselves and the cutting edge that everything is so sweet when it couldn't possibly be more off-base?

How did Jesus bite the dust for our transgressions? What in the world does that try and mean? There's actually hunger, destitution, world vagrancy, illicit drug use, pedophilia , assault, murder, annihilation and war. What did that person precisely do? This is another that gets an excessive lot of credit when he didn't clearly do anything by any means. This is the main explanation I accept that there might be a connection among Jesus and Father God since the two of them sit idle and get commended for it. They're similar to the Bill Entryways of Paradise. Provided that Bill Doors had a useless kid...wait. Indeed he does. The similarity is awesome. Continue.

[caption id="attachment_53953" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]The Shroud of Turin and an x-ray image of Jesus Christ as it was emulsified onto the clothe of the shroud. The Shroud of Turin and an x-ray image of Jesus Christ as it was emulsified onto the clothe of the[/caption]

Please accept my apologies to be such a cynic about Jesus however I have my reasons and it's NOT on the grounds that I'm sinister or the preferences. Regardless of whether I was, all that I realize about Satan appears all good with me. That is assuming any of these individuals even exist in the manner we know them as well. With the dreams I've been all displayed in paradise, in Eden and the preferences; nothing discusses Jesus. It won't ever have. It never discusses Emmanuelle, it never discusses Christ. I truly don't have the foggiest idea about where he is or what his job really is. The new confirmation has consistently felt like a later expansion to the Book of scriptures to me as I would see it regarding the matter. Since I was a youngster and I was told to "Eat his Flesh"and "Drink his Blood,"that is the point at which I quit accepting all that they told us in the ""spiritual"matters like religion and church. One more things that generally sent me into a hissy was the point at which the dad discussed the Sacred Trinity. A while ago when everybody however the Sacred Trinity was Father, Child and Essence of God and didn't realize it implied something else entirely I generally despised that ladies were not engaged with that heigharchy. It generally brought up the way that Jesus was a chauvinist man of the times very much like the men that stoned people for being witches. That never felt very "godly"to me. Then, at that point, when you figure the entirety "strolling on water," "mending the sick"and by and large being a filthy radical I was like...."NAW, Andrew is Good"where he's at. It was hard enough for me to get down with the Gay-detesting, Demiurge who requested individuals to kill their most memorable brought into the world prior to saying "simply joking, it was only a test to see what you would do!"

Once more, I say - this world is F****D Up! All in all, how precisely did Jesus help us once more? Please, somebody, assist me with understanding. In the event that you get on my remarks segment and say some moronic shiz like "He passed on for our sins"I'm going to kick you in the nuts, undoubtedly obviously. Then, you're getting impeded from the channel.

I made a truly fast video for everybody, you can think that it is above or you can watch it straight through YouTube. The decision is yours. I want to believe that you like it. It's all around as genuine as I might potentially be. Love it or can't stand it. I'm doing these sorts of tributes for the present on. The world requirements more more tiptoeing around with this annoyed shizzy.

Boogie Out!

This has been your everyday portion of unthinkable real factors reboot in confidence. Love it or leave it!