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Oct. 3, 2022

Is the Earth Larger than we know or have been taught?

Is the Earth Larger than we know or have been taught?

We have some amazing maps that show we are much bigger than we know

Are these maps real or are they fake?

What is the source of these maps and how reliable are they

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
First we all need to figure out where the hell we live; what the heck is Earth? Is it a real planet? Do we live on a spaceship? Why are all of the planets, Moons, Sun, stars all artificial and so easy to see? Why is the Moon flat? Why are the clouds filled with mechanical devices? Why is it so easy to spot these things with a telescope or a good camera? Why are we being lied too? We're going to explore some of the most mind blowing maps, projections, people, evidence and the likes in order to attempt and prove that the Earth is much bigger than we think. Or we will die trying. Join us at 5PM PST until 7PM PST as we explore the insane possibility that Earth is so much bigger than we think, much bigger than we know, or much bigger than we've been taught. If this is the case then why the hell are they doing it? Why are they teaching us the total opposite? Would this be part of the human conditioning and an attempt at some sort of training program we've all been signed up for her in the simulation of life? We'll discuss this and so much more during the next episode of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC - we'll have Keenan Cochran and Akeian on the show tonight figuring all of this out for the good people of the podcast world, other independent researchers, knuckleheads, professors, doctors, theorists, speculators, fact chasers, lovers, haters, losers, boozers, cruisers and much much more.

We'll see you all soon! Take Care!

Is Earth Much Larger than we Know

and/or than We've Been Taught?

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We've got amazing maps that prove that it is. How reliable are those maps? We don't need to speculate in this episode. We've got many corroborating evidence in map form that prove the Earth is not only larger than we think or know but it's a very controlled construct. Are we being punished for the sins of our fathers and our father's father? Are we in a jail planet? Are we being held captive by the demiurge we've read about in the old testament?

Have you ever read this book? Actually, have you ever read Deuteronomy? This chapter in the bible is very very questionable and a dead giveaway that this is definitely not the word of God. In fact, this is the word of something or someone total opposite of what you think he is. If you've never read this chapter I urge you to do your homework.

It clearly says in Deuteronomy that we will be punished to the 4th and 5th generation for the sins of our fathers. As far as any of us may know we may be serving time without our own knowledge. That would explain why our world is such a depressing place with nothing to do but be controlled by others whom have taken it upon themselves to play God.

Our weather is being controlled, birds are being released from clouds in order to restock certain areas of the construct in order to give the impression of a lush and beautiful place which is part of the Goldilocks zone. Now our insects all over the world are just disappearing and one day soon they will just appear out of nowhere. But is it nowhere?

When you see the maps I have to show you will see that our world is so much larger than we've been taught. It's huge but it's NOT going south. South is a distraction. The-Powers-that-Be are trying their best to make us all think that South is the gates to something important but in reality the powers-that-be are in charge or NOTHING and are grasping at straws when it comes to the dead and newly, frozen area of Antarctica. EVERYTHING important, everything that is truly happening and going on is in the north and we all need to understand that.

We're doing this live stream at 5PM PST until 7PM PST. Please join us for another amazing show and another amazing live taping of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC. We will hopefully see you all soon!

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