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Sept. 19, 2022

IEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projections - True Technology of the Fallen Angels

IEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projections - True Technology of the Fallen Angels

The True Lies in the Skies

This is the Answer to All

This is where the Matrix was Born and Still Lives

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Imagine, if you will. Not only being able to rule the skies with lies. Not only being able to control what everyone sees when they look upward to the heavens. Imagine being able to plan huge attacks on the Earth where nobody was hurt but it sure looked like the world had ended. Imagine being able to make planets head straight for Earth and put people at the whim of NASA as they depended on them to get saved when there was no danger. Imagine using fear to get the majority of the world to look to you for answers to questions they didn't need to ask. Imagine being looked at as a God, as a creator, as the answer to all problems and a hopeful future. What if you could make Jesus appear  in the clouds and have him tell his faithful followers that you were actually the God they should be waiting for? You could not only have fun with this thing but absolutely prosper. I'm sure you understand where this is going.


The Edge of the Realm Connects to the

Land Bridges of Alaska then to the Exit. Let's Go!


Well, this technology is called IEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projections and it has the capabilities of controlling anything and everything the people of Earth have or will ever see in the skies above. This technology is what controls how heaven is seen, perceived and visualized by the faithful. You could be the one that controls all of this. You could be the one who makes all possible. You could be "ËL"the creator - the same EL that is listed all over the Earth and the Moon. You could be he. So what the hell are you waiting for? Let's get to work.

I don't mean let's get to work building the IEEE system. I mean let's get to work stealing the IEEE system from the powers that be whom have been using this system since before you were even a thought in your fathers head when he looked deep in your mother's eyes. Oh, let me guess - you had no idea right? Of course I already knew this part. This is why I waiting for this time, this is why I chose you. This is why I chose now and I chose the plan I'm going to teach to you and everyone you choose to work with. This is the most important thing we may ever have the knowledge of. This may be the most important knowledge you'll ever be gifted so hold it tight and try your best to understand it and keep it with you the rest of your life.

Having this technology in your possession is like having all of the cryptonite in the world and a chip on your shoulder for the man of steel; who is soon to be the the who's about to be your bitch once you're done with him.

I'm going to show you the very edge of the doesn't get anymore edge than this. The area of the realm is called "Ënd of the Road". The end of the road is exactly what this area is. This is your last stop on a very bumpy ride to freedom. The land bridges are more than just bridges - there are 12 of them and they're you're your delivery system to the other side of the construct. You will be stopped for your travel papers - this is when you are supposed to swear your allegiance to "ËL.""you will NOT get another chance to do this. You should NOT think about this anymore than you need too. If you are unaware of who the creator is and the relation between the creator and "EL""I guess now is as good of time as any to discuss who and what EL is. I need everyone to know that what I'm about to say is all speculation. I believe that with everything we know and everything we've been taught is a great proof and a great theory that EL is a multifaceted, interdimensional, being. EL is no small g god - he is a huge G....CREATOR!

Practical Applications of IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications (IDPC)




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