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Sept. 20, 2022

IEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projections - Fallen Angel Tech All Ancient Civilizations were Aware of and Trying to Tell Us About

IEEE Photovoltaic Holographic Projections - Fallen Angel Tech All Ancient Civilizations were Aware of and Trying to Tell Us About

Is a Flat Earth Possible? 

What if NASA Lied About it All?

Could a Secret of this Magnitude be Possible? Let's Find Out! BMC
We're not just going to roleplay, we're going to live out all of these questions like they're reality. We're going to treat the world like everything is a huge lie. We're going to pretend that the powers-that-be maybe lying to us all and hiding a huge secret like the Earth being flat. What is the possibility that the Earth could be flat? What is the likelihood that the Earth is either larger than we know or that the entire thing (science) is a lie. What if, just, what if! What if the Earth is flat? What would change? What things would stay the same and what things would get turned on their heads after we all found out the truth regarding the real shape of the Earth. Who would reveal this news? Who and/or what government or religious entity would be in charge of breaking the news to the world?

Normies vs. Flat Earthers; Sane vs Holographic Universe; Sleepy vs Simulation Theory

This player holds the stream to the live show at 5PM PST - if you press "play"and see nothing, that means you're either too early or too late. If you're too early I say come back at 5PM PST - yep, that will work. I'm positive of it. You're welcome world!

Would they reveal this news like all prior news and informational releases were an accident or would they stop lying all of the sudden and admit they've been lying all along?  Tonight we're going to roleplay. We have two "normies"who are going to interview Booges of Boogie Man Channel and he's going to sell us all on the possibilities of Flat Earth, he's going to convince us in the realities of Holographic Universe. Boogie is also going to throw his best at us in attempts of selling us on the possibilities of Simulation Theory.

Tonight we're joined a group of amazing people!

  • Chef Jaeh of BIGO Live
  • Keenan Cochran of Blackfoot Tribe
  • Akeian of Focal Shift
  • The Beautiful Mrs. Bexx 4TheWoke & Dot-Connector-Podcast
  • Your Little Man London is in the House 4TheWoke & Dot-Connector-Podcast
  • Your Boy Boogie 4TheWoke & Dot-Connector-Podcast

Spaceship Earth is the theory that we're all just aliens cruising through the void on a spaceship called Ubiquity Oblivion. This is the idea, the thought and the theory that Earth is a huge spaceship that is alive and providing us everything we've ever known or loved.

Set Dressing Theory is a BMC original theory and a lot like simulated reality. It's the idea that it's easier for us to put up a few pyramids and tell everyone that this complex of pyramids are directly related to 90 million Mayans who lived here, thrived, then died and unfortunately disappeared without a trace. This action and backstory is much easier than actually raising 90 million Mayans, losing them in a cataclysmic event. Then we need to make them disappear without a trace. Set Dressing Theory is the idea that entities above our pay grade are watching over Earth and acting as handlers to Mankind - they're giving us tidbits of information through added set dressing to our construct and either pushing us in the direction of the human origin story they want us to adopt or they're letting us fill in the blanks on our own. Either way the thought of Set Dressing Theory seems very easy to prove, it seems very easy to see it's reality and that it's happening all around the simulation we currently inhabit.

During this rollplay Boogie will try his best with the help of Akeian and Keenan to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all live and exist within a simulation. They will also be attempting to prove that life is nothing but a simulation. That we live within a simulated reality inside of a holographic universe.

We will take a look at some of the best proofs imaginable regarding Flat Earth. Nobody on the channel is a Flat Earther. Nobody on the channel is a globalist or a believer in the globe model or a believer in the heliocentric model. We don't enjoy being painted into a corner.

We don't enjoy being confined by labels. So please don't label anyone.

The show starts at 5PM PST and is staring Boogie, Akeian, Keenan, Jaeh and of course the beautiful Bexx.

This show is a simple simulation in itself and we're all trying to give the best science, opinion, speculation and fact we can and that our restrictions will allow. So please enter this show with an open mind, void of bias and free of expectation or don't bother attending the show. We are giving our time, our research and our hearts to this show and the last thing we need is trolling, bashing, degrading remarks or hostility where none is deserved.

If you don't want our time, if you don't want our entertainment or knowledge please watch and participate with another channel. We need positive reinforcement and ONLY deserve that. So move on - this show is for folks who want and deserve it.