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Sept. 19, 2022

Historical Lenses Found Throughout Time

Historical Lenses Found Throughout Time

Basic Magnification Lenses in History

For Use in Melting Stone and Rock Rubbing

For Use in Starting Fires

For Use in Corrective Eye Surgery and Glasses

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Here at BMC we love lenses. If you've followed the channel for more than a day or two then. you've already heard us go on an on about either parabolic mirrors or lenses, or both. Probably both. I can't help it - we love lenses. They're big, concave (or convex), shiny, smooth, expensive and sure to magnify anything and everything around them. This is how you pluck things from the heavens and put them right in front of your face or the world's face so that everyone can see it closer, clearer and better. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE LENSES. We love optics, we love night vision, Infrared, x-ray, we love enlarging objects. We love making the world larger and clearer, and closer. What the hell is so wrong with that? This is why we have so many telescopes, this is why we have so many cameras and lenses laying around this house.


If you check the player above and you see nothing - that means it's NOT 6PM PST yet. I would say close it down and check back later - try 6PM PST. That usually works. 

If there's anyone out there looking to purchase their first, and very badass telescope, please call me first. I have a few the wife has been hounding me to get rid of. Someone on the channel today attempted to pop off at me with a smart ass remark making it sound like something as simple as lenses and magnifying glasses didn't exist in ancient times. Oh my dear, how stupid of a comment you just left on my channel. Let me show you were you went wrong.

First and foremost, where you went wrong was challenging Boogie about lenses - are you f**** r*****? How dare you attempt to challenge your boy Booges

Now, this isn't a complete list but I think it's a damn good one for swinging it off the top of my head. I would like to know how many poeople can remember this many lenses from historical times from the top of thier eh

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