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Sept. 14, 2022

He rules with an iron sceptre. Jupiter, the king of the holographic planets

He rules with an iron sceptre. Jupiter, the king of the holographic planets

The King of the Planets

The King of the Holograms

The Holographic World of Jupiter - Enter at Your Own Risk

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
You read that right, tonight we rule with an iron scepter. Tonight, we rule the king of the Holograms. The king of the holographic planets, our dear Jupiter. I mean what I say, enter at your own risk. Risk, risk to your eyes, risk to your mind, risk to your well-being. Your mental well-being. Tonight we Skate On The Razor's Edge. Tonight we skate on the insane. We take a look at the holographic planets, and the holographic projection system, that holographically projects them all.

He rules with an iron scepter. Jupiter, the king of the holographic planets

If you press play on the window above and nothing plays that must mean it's NOT 6PM PST. I say you leave, come back later (at 6PM PST), and try the whole "pressing play"thing again. 

No longer are we going to skate around the topic. Tonight we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all planets are fake, and are being holographically projected. True Lies in the skies. We leave and take a look at the actual holographic projector that projects them all. Including our dear Jupiter.

I can't promise you no more lies, but I can promise you that we will no longer be lied to. Tonight we take the power back. We take back what's ours, and we understand once and for all where we exist within this realm. Jupiter, the king of the holographic planets. We will follow Jupiter to the edges of the construct and back.

Tonight I prove to you once and for all that all planets are fake and this is my promise to you. So sit back relax and enjoy the show, this entire show is 4D Holograms, being projected straight to your iris and your brain stem.

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We'll see you all there in just a little while, don't be late. Somebody's got to be on time to these sorts of things.