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Nov. 30, 2022

Falling Track Systems, 3 Levels of Earth The Prophecy of Apophis, Then Elijah's Message

Falling Track Systems, 3 Levels of Earth The Prophecy of Apophis, Then Elijah's Message

Apophis Prescience
 Track Frameworks Aplenty
Elijah and His Message from God

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
This has been one of the most insane weeks for me. I'm arriving at a point in the exploration where I can't let you know what direction is up, down or which level of the Earth we are even on. What's obviously false, what is truth and what is some in the middle between? How might there be this many lies in plane sight? How might there be this numerous insights directly before your face and we never took note? Is the end close? Or on the other hand is the following starting considerably nearer? How might somebody push ahead in a spot you don't actually have the foggiest idea where up is contrasted with down? Back contrasted with ahead? Left from all the more left or right from turning the entire strategy for getting around to kick yourself in the ass? This evening we investigate a slue of fascinating guides that could be genuine and just could be the response to all that we've all been anticipating finding and understanding about the world we live in and the reproduction which has all of us caught. Asking to track down the exit. When is sufficient and an excessive amount of seperated? Where is the seperation and who's responsible for letting us know that we've crossed this supposed end goal.

These are the talking focuses we'll hit here in the present show notes and blog report:

  • New Guides of Earth You've Never Seen
  • Satellite Pictures of Earth You've Never Seen Before that will Make sense of Such a lot of You Had hardly any familiarity with the Planet You Live On
  • The Three Levels of Earth
  • The Track Works
  • Prophecy of Apophis
  • Elijah and His Message
  • This evening's Live Show
  • The Conflict Over Land You've Never Seen
  • How about we Prepare for War

In particular, is there some kind of prize and a person giving them out toward the end? Why bother to all of this? Is there one? Satisfy God don't leave this torment alone for the amusement of others, for you and for your companions. I'm as of now hopeless enough awakening regular and anticipating that 9-5 damnation opening we as a whole call a task. A definitive snare of traps and the greatest energy killer, the spot we are compensated for doing nothing valuable with the exception of making another person rich, broke, pushed etc.

The Three Layered Earth, Track Frameworks Aplenty, Apophis Prescience, Elijah and His Message from God

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Boom Baby, Boom! 

No one prefers pressure, no one enjoys stress, grim results to what's in store, fantasies of death, dismantling or losing a friend or family member. So for what reason is it something drove into our heads consistently? Apocalypse situations, or simply the apocalypse as we might know it - on the grounds that the two are undoubtedly unique.

For hell's sake, is a blend of stress, stress, uneasiness, alarm and shrouded in a thick layer of disdain and plunged in desire with a side request of struggle and torment all blended into one. Surprisingly, these descriptive words are precisely the way that I depict our lives behind the cloak in weighty camouflage. So when, are we set free from everything? Is paradise a spot where all needs and needs are filled? Or on the other hand is paradise a spot where all needs and needs are removed? Since the two are without a doubt unique. Paradise is anything you maintain that it should be, Anything you call a need, you call a need, and each bliss or delivery you need and think you really want. Once more, the two are unique.

First we should discuss the three layered Earth, even better - how about we show it. We should all investigate probably the most marvelous guides of Earth you've never seen in spite of the fact that they're all availble for yourself and every other person who needs reality. These guides impeccably portray an Earth that is three levels as well as it's undeniably hung on and clutching the track frameworks which run all around this crazy Earth. The more we find out about this old boat, the more peculiar everything becomes. Indeed, I said transport - on the off chance that you haven't yet sorted it out; we've been living on a boat as long as you can remember. My whole life and that is pretty much all I can vouch or. Anybody before us is just gossip in my book. As I would see it, we are living in a reenacted truth of sorts, a boat, consequently the hypothesis called - Spaceship Earth hypothesis. Presently, I'm not the one that made it up yet I"m most certainly the individual whom has been demonstrating it for a really long time and will keep on doing as such until my withering day. The great one's generally kick the bucket youthful so you will not need to pay attention to me any more. I'm as of now north of 40 and God will require me close by sooner than later. I can't say I fault him. :- )

Next up we have the track frameworks which we've previously examined yet there's something else to say regarding the skeletal arrangement of our Earth. The track frameworks gets the entirety of the enchantment going consistently. Thus, when you can - - come and get your day to day portion of the unimaginable track frameworks. No confidence required; we have such countless pictures, recordings, sonar, satellite and even lumetry scope pictures of these said track frameworks and we never think twice. In the event that somebody detects the track frameworks you can wager all of your cash you'll find them here on Boogie Man Channel. We love the track framework and the initial ones as I would like to think to at any point conjecture and demonstrate their unavoidable presence. I've never loved gravity and I don't have a lot of confidence for the innovation possessed and worked by our alleged Lords of Earth. I'm utilizing that term freely, I guarantee all of you.

Prophecy of Apophis
I'll summarize the Apophis Prescience for you like this - they're NOT significant. The main justification for why they're remembered for the name is on the grounds that in fact when the track frameworks fizzle and all that comes crashing practical it's the Apophis asteroiods that make the most harm here on Center Earth because of their weight and their look as well as their humongeous appearance. Can we just be real for a moment, these stones have a few serious mass behind them. In this way, when the track framework falls flat (and it generally does) it carries the space rocks of Apophis down with it and wow do they all make a great deal of god forsaken harm here on The planet. Assuming you want any evidence of that simply take a gander at a portion of the think back in Canada. Simply search for the gigantic stone that is as yet laying there and not tidied up yet.

Elijah and his message. Indeed, as first I suspected I was Elijah, the messanger of God. Then, at that point, I was certain that it was the Apophis Space rocks that were the couriers of God since they had a considerably more polished and disastrous approach to conveying expressed messages from God. Presently, I'm back to knowing me is the messanger of God on the grounds that my fundamental man God has a ton to say and he wants somebody he can rely upon to convey this message with style and beauty. Along these lines, he's picked your kid Boogie. I'm regarded to have been picked and there's a ton of ways I'm anticipating conveying this message with additional style and elegance than anybody has at any point seen. It's called my single handed grip Mossburg 500 with siphon activity and an extremely terrible demeanor. She's one awful bitch and I can hardly trust that all abhorrent filth will meet her on day of atonement. Goodness no doubt, there's a day of atonement and it's genuine. Incredibly Genuine. Be certain NOT to be on God's underhanded show, you believe nothing should do with that rundown. I've at long last had an opportunity to peruse his requests and they're very fascinating. His guidelines are sharp and his lance more keen. Fly straight ya'll, God is clearly genuine and he's NOT content with individuals of Earth. Particularly any of us in Just states like California, New York and obviously our impeded cousin Florida.

I won't keep all of you too lengthy however it's critical that a great deal of this stuff is said before the show this evening. Gracious better believe it, there's a live show this evening and you're completely welcomed. The hosts will be Keenan Cochran, the Bexxster and you're kid Boogie.

Heads up ahead of time: We've changed our web-based features from Streamyard to Restream. Honestly, Restream as of now looks crappy and sucks. I didn't drop in the multi day time span they request that you drop inside so I'm left with this BS for one more year. If it's not too much trouble, be expecting errors while live, nothing about this will go flawlessly this evening, I'm positive of it.

Really investigate individuals in this news section. Take a gander at their arms, their backs, their legs - understand that they're NOTHING near human. This is computer based intelligence occupying bodies for which they've figured out how to make with the goal that they can stroll among us here on The planet.

Kindly comprehend that since something doesn't seem as though us doesn't make it wicked, doesn't make it insidious or sinister. It only makes it revolting. There's no standard against being appalling.

However, WOW...Holy S*** this is one freaky news cut-out and these are some freakazoids.
I wish the photographs were better yet they're pre-WWI so Please accept my apologies yet I don't get to pick. So this is the thing WWI was actually about.

I maintain that all of you should comprehend they're discussing a piece of Earth you or I have NEVER seen and never will.

This is an old newspaper clipping dating back to the days before WWI. Here you can see that the people shown in these images are NOT human. Also, you can read for yourself that they're fighting over lands you or i have never seen or ever will see in our lifetime. What exactly is this newspaper showing and discussing?

This is an old news section tracing all the way back to the prior days WWI. Here you can see that individuals displayed in these pictures are NOT human. Likewise, you can peruse for yourself that they're battling about lands you or I have never seen or at any point will find in the course of our life. What precisely is this paper appearing and discussing?[/caption]

Just with the goal that everybody knows how genuine and how serious this is. Allow me to acquaint you with what I'm managing. The initial two pictures are the disclosure of a mystery base in my city. You can see they had caused a covering or some likeness thereof that lay to up and over of the city to conceal their base by making it seem to be one more area of the city.

The primary picture is the one I posted a few days ago. The subsequent picture is the one I just required a couple of moments prior to demonstrate to you they must've seen that I posted something about their base since they've tidied up the area and supplanted the pictures on Google maps with a new and new picture. These are a few strong players.

The third picture is a picture of my mom from some time ago when she was in the military. This picture is on her cooler. Check out at the reflection on the actual picture. There is a pile of three heads - you can guess by the ears on the left. The countenances are all Extremely pale and the face on the base is wearing a concrete sack as a handkerchief. On the right you can see hands dribbling with went concrete - you can see it just have three fingers and a thumb.

Up top you can see that it says "Bite the dust Boogie" Notice that around her lower legs are portrayals of ropes and concrete boots fit to be tossed into the water. At last you can see that one of the substances has his finger up to his lips to indicate that I ought to quiet down or my mother is going in with concrete boots. What they can be sure of is that they'd just be helping me out. Kindly take her. You're f***** with some unacceptable man. Pick somebody who cares. HHHHEEEYOOOOOO!!!

This is a dreadful little message I was sent. Just so everybody knows - this picture was simply on my work area toward the beginning of today.

I didn't snap the picture. I don't think I expected to say that. However, I did.

This is the updated screenshot of the same area I just took a few minutes ago. Notice that they've switched the image out for that area. These are some high rollers with friends in very high places in order to be able to do this trick in only a matter of minutes. Wow. This is the updated screenshot of the same area I just took a few minutes ago. Notice that they've switched the image out for that area. These are some high rollers with friends in very high places in order to be able to do this trick in only a matter of minutes. Wow.This is the oringinal area in Pico Rivera where you can see they're using a tarp decorated to look like the city. The tarp is pulled over a part of the city they're using to make the project their doing hidden from prying eyes on Google Maps. Little did they know they were farking with Boogie and I always catch my guys. This is the oringinal area in Pico Rivera where you can see they're using a tarp decorated to look like the city. The tarp is pulled over a part of the city they're using to make the project their doing hidden from prying eyes on Google Maps. Little did they know they were farking with Boogie and I always catch my guys.This is a photo of my Mother from back in the Vietnam War as a medic. Take a look at the reflections on the photo. You can see a stack of three heads, none of them are human. The bottom one is wearing a cement bag as a bandana and has his finger to his lips to tell me to shut up. On the right you can see some wet, white hands just got done mixing cement I'm sure. On the top it says "die boogie." I didnt'take this photo, it was just on my desktop today when I logged onto my computer. It looks like I've opened a can of worms I can't close.

This is a photograph of my Mom from back in the Vietnam Battle as a surgeon. Investigate the reflections on the photograph. You can see a pile of three heads, not a solitary one of them are human. The last one is wearing a concrete sack as a handkerchief and has his finger to his lips to advise me to quiet down. On the right you can see a few wet, white hands just finished blending concrete I'm certain. On the top it says "pass on boogie." I didn't snap this picture, it was simply on my work area today when I signed onto my PC. It seems as though I've gotten into a tricky situation I can't close.[/caption]

#skydomeatlantis #skydome #atlantis #sunsimulator #artificialmoon #ieee #holographicprojection #hologram

Identification of Undetectable Earthbound Substances
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn't some time before I was exploring this arch photography method to more readily comprehend it and I ran over Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Cleric and Vatican Cosmologist. At the point when I began to concentrate on his "Santilli Telescope Strategy" that I completely comprehended that was what we had reproduced. An additional viable and more reasonable model.

Any individual who thinks the vault arrangement isnt a genuine strategy for photography has clearly never utilized a telescope since it's a similar fundamental technique. I utilize "basic"because of how fundamental it is. It's an explanatory mirror and a focal point. The fact that telescopes are also makes that all. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians.

On the off chance that you haven't yet bought your vault arrangement - it's rarely past the point of no return. Follow the three connections beneath to buy your arch arrangement now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Strategy in only a couple of days from your buy:

4"Glass Half Vault Paperweight

10x Amplification Excellence Mirror

Dark Plastic Bowl (This eliminates skyline commotion)

For those of you that are new to our Skydome Atlantis examination and even more current to our Santilli Telescope Strategy also known as Shooting the Arch - you must concentrate on what I've remembered for this blog and comprehend that what we are appearing in our pictures and recordings are All that we say it is. We are seeing, shooting and recording interdimensional elements and introducing them to you. It would assist every one of you with grappling with the truth of our exploration and particularly our discoveries.

Skydome Atlantis is the hypothetical base on of the makers arch. This city isn't drifting within a zero g climate since that isn't what space is. Space isn't comprised of a zero g climate. Rather it's comprised of extremely complex track frameworks, ties, and as of late I found they utilize A Ton of rail weapons as transfers to counterfeit the track framework where one isn't accessible. They would utilize this transfer framework to move themselves from A to B and once in a while C. This is an extremely weird build and 100 percent genuine. There's nothing legendary about this spot.

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