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Nov. 20, 2022

Everyone Dies on Wednesday, 23, 2022 @7am pst / 10am est.

Everyone Dies on Wednesday, 23, 2022 @7am pst / 10am est.

The End isn't Near....
It's Now Here
Wednesday, 11/23 @ 7AM PST - 10PM EST

All Will Die

Boogie Man Channel Just
I really want everybody's full focus, a naked pic also please. There will be an overall disastrous occasion this Wednesday 11/23/2022 @7am pst/10am est. If it's not too much trouble, travel to the accompanying areas for place of refuge.
Extraordinary NOTE: I will refresh this blog and rundown up until the day of the mass kill off and, surprisingly, after the occasion. Kindly try to bookmark the blog so you can keep on determining the status of the situation as everything transpires. Assuming you at any point have anything to add to the occasion kindly do as such through our Facebook page. Assuming you have a video to share you can either transfer it to youtube, facebook, instagram and the preferences or you can send it directly to us by email, wire, moment messanger and other rich person games like that. HHHHEEEYYYYOOOOOO!!!!

Day of atonement has arrived. In the event that you've at any point considered how you were doing on the balances of equity According to the Maker - presently is your opportunity to steer the results or get scaled like a fish. I can hardly stand by to see the stepping stool of the two. I'll make a lunch out of it.

This is the manner by which the old Egyptians and Antiquated Mayans
Made those #notsogreatpyramidsofgiza that you like to such an extent. #touristtraps

#defaces #hologram #holographic #holographicprojection #holograms #fakeplanets #fakestars #fakestar

Before we get into any of the other stuff let me show you one of the most crazy catches of Mars I've at any point experienced. Allow me to show you this since I don't what ot be the main individual with this weight any more.

This pink turning plastic ball is what the people pulling the strings are presently calling #mars - @elon_musk360 calls it a task - I call it #holographic. This is the saddest showcase I've at any point seen, in any event, for a phony planet concocted by the people pulling the strings. I ought to add they quit thinking often about what they toss in the paradise particles prior. They are very much aware that the vast majority of individuals have never at any point glanced through a telescope in all their years. However miserable as that seems to be so that a lawn stargazer such as myself might be able to hear - I should push on and disregard it.

So how about we continue on.

Everybody, Meet Mars - Mars, Meet Everybody! PS - Mars, You Suck!

At the point when I take a gander at these kinds of things, the principal thing I ponder is holographic universe with a side request of recreation hypothesis. I can't help myself. Starting from whenever I first put my eye to a telescope I was a devotee to mimicked reality and holographic projections in the skies above. I can't take these spiked pills any longer. The ones that NASA is doling out and attempting to serve us.

Continuously live regular like it's your last since tomorrow is guaranteed to no man, or no man, or lady.

Spots TO Remain. - SAFE
BEST PLACES TO Stay away from THE Apocalypse
TEXAS Houston
Missouri ozark
Extraordinary England (all)
KANSAS (all)

I'm 100 percent positive that this is occurring Wednesday 11/23 @7am PST/10AM EST - I dont'know where you reside however this is the thing I know up to this point - Kansas, Houston TX, Panama (all), pico rivera ca, Chicago (all), Extraordinary England UK, ibiza Spain and Missouri ozark - those are protected spots the sky will fall this Wednesday. Avoid mountains, avoid marsh deserts, avoid seas, go to high deserts and raised valleys I don't expect anybody will trust me. I'm worn out on fretting over it and I can't drive you to trust me. I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. Trust in God, focus on the signs, the images and the messages you are now being passed by the all-powerful. This evening at 5PM PST - we actually had a live occasion to demonstrate to you that an astroid called "Apophis"is the impetus in this occasion and will stir things up around town, cause a line of volcanic ejections, waves, seismic tremors, thus significantly more. I'm a cosmologist and have been following this article for 7 years at this point. It's going towards us dangerously fast and will show up at 7am pst on Wednesday. I hope everything works out for all of you. I trust this data tracks down your wellbeing. fare thee well.
PS - apophis is the size of a shopping center and is joined by 400 of his dearest companions. These different bodies are similarly as large and quick

Significant keys for my excursion

The justification for why I'm reporting these guides and keys is with the goal that I can reference them later. I genuinely accept that after Wednesday my life will change perpetually in a manner I will miss severely. I appreciate sitting at my PC and working extended periods of time. I have an inclination it will be seemingly forever until I can track down a spot that I'm sufficiently agreeable to sit and do precisely that. Additionally, I will have to find a spot I sufficiently like to do exactly that. At the point when I really do find a spot I appreciate to the point of regularly visiting I will need to skim back over these things and investigate attempting to track down them for myself. I'm as of now arranging out a few astounding excursions, setting up camp, investigating, hunting, fishing thus numerous others. I have an inclination I'll get my new boat extremely soon. Like, soon. I simply trust there is still sea water left to investigate. I'm truly amped up for it.

Mt Vesuvius has quite recently ejected. This is the starting to the furthest limit of the world that I've been talking about the entire week.
Mt. Vesuvius is Emitting - the first time in quite a while. This will be a calamitous occasion. The starting to something terrible. Not only terrible for local people in that space however awful for the whole world. Contamination, debris, garbage, swarming, disarray and demise, endlessly loads of death. Property harm will experience the most because of the debris, residue and garbage started off by this dormant beast. Mt. Vesuvius is said to get going a chain response inside the whole ring of fire. It will stir. a series of wells of lava that have been torpid for hundreds and millennia in S. America, C. America and Obviously Mexico. Before long, Mexico will be a heap of debris and rubble at absolutely no point ever to be seen or heard from in the future. Mexico will before long be a memory, a blip that tumbled off of everybody's radar and it was totally done by the wrathful however kind maker himself.

Of the various launches of Mount Vesuvius, a critical stratovolcano in southern Italy, the most famous is its outflow in 79 Advancement, which was one of the deadliest in European history.[2] The discharge of Mount Vesuvius in 79 Advancement is apparently one of the most marvelous known in history.[3][4]

In the pre-winter of 79 Advancement, Mount Vesuvius violently hurled forward a perilous cloudiness of super-warmed tephra and gases to a degree of 33 km (21 mi), sending off fluid stone, beat pumice and hot trash at 1.5 million tons each second, in the end conveying on numerous occasions the atomic force of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The event gives its name to the Vesuvian kind of volcanic discharge, portrayed by areas of hot gases and flotsam and jetsam showing up at the stratosphere, yet the event similarly included pyroclastic streams related with Pelean outflows.

The event destroyed a couple of towns and minor settlements close by, at the time part of the Roman Space. Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed and covered under massive pyroclastic floods and ashfall stores, are the most notable models. After archeological unearthings uncovered a ton of about the presences of the inhabitants, the locale transformed into a critical holiday spot and is presently an UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of Vesuvius Recreational area.

The total people of the two metropolitan regions was more than 20,000. The leftover pieces of more than 1,500 people have been found at Pompeii and Herculaneum up until this point, though the total death toll from the launch stays dark.
Permit the incredible times to roll.
The beginning has officially begun - to D-Day!
I expect your motivation your last subtleties are completely confined and your soul is all set.

Welcome to the party my buddies - this is just the tip!

MY 3 Pennies

First it will be Mt. Vesuvius. Around this time one week from now Mexico will be cleared off the Guide. California will be completely gone by Thursday of this current week. Southern Florida will be gone continuously's end. Leaving just a little piece of northern Florida. It's too soon to allude to it as Florijoe. This is another name I provide for the following Florida previously

#skydomeatlantis #skydome #atlantis #sunsimulator #artificialmoon #ieee #holographicprojection #hologram

Discovery of Imperceptible Earthly Substances
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn't some time before I was exploring this arch photography strategy to more readily comprehend it and I went over Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Minister and Vatican Stargazer. At the point when I began to concentrate on his "Santilli Telescope Technique" that I completely comprehended that was what we had reproduced. An additional powerful and more cheap model.

Any individual who thinks the vault arrangement isn't a genuine technique for photography has clearly never utilized a telescope since it's a similar fundamental strategy. I utilize "basic"because of how fundamental it is. It's an illustrative mirror and a focal point. The fact that telescopes are also makes that all. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonian.

In the event that you haven't yet bought your vault arrangement - it's rarely past the point of no return. Follow the three connections beneath to buy your vault arrangement now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Technique in only a couple of days from your buy:

4"Glass Half Arch Paperweight

10x Amplification Magnificence Mirror

Dark Plastic Bowl (This eliminates skyline commotion)

Skydome Atlantis is the hypothetical base on of the makers vault. This city isn't drifting within a zero g climate since that isn't what space is. Space isn't comprised of a zero g climate. Rather it's comprised of exceptionally modern track frameworks, ties, and as of late I found they utilize A Great deal of rail firearms as transfers to counterfeit the track framework where one isn't accessible. They would utilize this hand-off framework to move themselves from A to B and once in a while C. This is an extremely peculiar build and 100 percent genuine. There's nothing legendary about this spot.

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