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Aug. 18, 2022

David vs. Goliath; Rage Against the Machine; Jason and the Archons - Boogie vs. the Matrix

David vs. Goliath; Rage Against the Machine; Jason and the Archons - Boogie vs. the Matrix

Rage Against the Machine

Jason and the Archons

Boogie vs. the Matrix BMC
Tonight we begin battle, we head to the battlefields with the understanding that we may not return. We look around; we think about life and when we put it into perspective we realize there's nothing here we want to return too. The only home we know is a broken down ship which has been the biggest lie we will ever know. We dream of the day the powers-that-be finally tell the world that the only world we know is a broken down ship being supported by a Satan we are all supposed to hate for some reason. I don't understand the reasons for why they do what they do, why they say what they say. Why we are told the Earth is round when it obviously isn't. Our world has always been turned upside down and we wouldn't know what to do is they were finally honest with us just one day. Just one time. The only thing that keeps me going, waking up everyday is my wife, my dog and the thought that one day I will get to hold them and look upon a real sky and nothing this simulated canopy we've been looking at our entire lives. God maybe the creator of the construct just not this one. This simulated reality we find ourselves in started as a trap and I'm willing to bet my life we will die in this trap - over and over and over again.

David vs. Goliath; Rage Against the Machine; Jason and the Archons - Boogie vs. the Matrix

This show begins at 9:30PM PST - there will be no video in the player above until 9:30 PM PST - so if you press play and nothing plays that means its NOT 9:30 PM PST just yet. Check back when it is. 

This is why we need to Rage against that Machine, find the key or kick over the exit that stands between us and the real world. We are in the belly of the beast and that story of David vs. Goliath was a metaphor for us vs. the Matrix. The Curtain of the Divine Majesty better known as the veil has been the lies in the skies that stand between us and the real world.

When we wake up from this horrible nightmare I hope we are all friends in the upside down. I look forward to getting bit by real bugs, smelling organic nature. The powers that be need to think of something quick because the life support system on this ship can't survive from Lucifer's throne of the most high for very much longer and they know it. How much gold will it take to get this thing running again? It seems the Archons have the upper hand and have fooled us yet again. We can't let them win.

Tonight we talk about an obvious Ransom that we've been paying as a civilization to the sons of Anu. NASA is in charge of delivering skids of gold bullion bars two the Anunnaki. This is not make believe this is not fiction this is a harsh reality that we are in a lifelong and eternal debt to our creators. Tonight we meet the Annunaki we talk to the sons of Anu and Ka.

When is our debt complete how much is too much? Why can't we just paying blood? Is there a price that we can meet and agree on to complete our debt? This is no way to live. From the days of World War II and the missing Nazi gold till September 11th and the dump trucks filled with gold bullion bars from the Federal Reserve that came up missing along with the three trillion dollars from the physical budget announced only the day before planes flew into the World Trade Center. This is real.

The Anunnaki was said to stand on an average 10 ft tall. You can see their stature and their height depicted on Stone and Clay tablet reliefs. Wall hangs show these men of renown. They're amazing stature strength they're build and they're towering height make them an opposition to be feared. What happens if we don't pay our debt? Who comes to collect? Do we have anything to fear at all except for fear itself? I say we stop paying and see what happens.

Take care.

Your baby Bexx; Your Boy Boogie

You're Welcome World


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