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Oct. 20, 2022

Can You Hear the Sound of War in the Horizon?

Can You Hear the Sound of War in the Horizon?

If Not You Will Soon

The Theatre of Life is Heating Up

Don't Get too Caught Up with the BS and Lies

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
It's coming, everyone knows it's coming. This is going to be how inflation is reset and how prices are put back to normal. How economies are repaired and how futures are created on new pathways for possible new world powers. Once the dust settles and once the new paths have been cleared and new horizons in the cross hairs for those with motivation left to live in this world of lies and evil. Behind the veil is where they continue to rule. The hidden hand that pulls the strings of this world and the next. Along with all the puppets within it. There was a time when the Westchester Rifle was called "The Rifle that Won the West" while some called it "The Rifle that Built America."Both were correct. WWII will be the war that was won by automatons, repetitive actions (killing) and artificial intelligence with no governor included. I'm bringing this up because it will be the first instance on record where AI is authorized to kill humans. It will be the first time in history nobody will want to discuss the bodycount for which AI has racked up under authorized surveillance.

Their Pawn and Their Prize:
The Game of Chess as
Flesh and Blood are
Pawns on an AI-Run Battlefield

Men of brass, high brass will take their coffee and breakfast while an AI-run battlefield is the home of a game of chess with flesh and blood as their pawns and their prize. This will be a war run by code, where all life is equivalent to 1s and 0s. This will be a death of binary proportion. The strings pulled and plucked by proverbial fingers that flay the flesh of men from bone. Bathed in the pools of blood the gods of war will have their sacrifice and their offerings on the altar of the most high inside the tabernacle and the tent of meeting. Showered in the memories of the old, bathed in the beauty to which is no more. Motherless and Fatherless children wander the streets to survive. Dark is the new norm, bleek is the new outlook on life. Life is the newest dream. Love is a joke along with its frequency and vibrational level which is no more and never again. Streams and cries for help fall on deaf ears cut from the heads of the weak and lined on necklaces of the sick and depraved. The echoes of the names of those who will not be remembered, only recycled and their bodies used again. The fallen will take what they need to inhabit a meat suit encasing their dark souls and their artificial light. They will continue to be the handlers, the engineers of the construct and the next inhabitants after the reset has complete.

Who will be the next lucky contestant on "Ëarth Needs a Tenant?"

Are you a king when there is no one to rule over? Who came first, God or the fools who worshipped him? Worship....Warship....!

Boogie Out!

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Detection of Invisible Terrestrial Entities
By Dr. Santilli
It wasn’t long before I was researching this dome photography technique to better understand it and I came across Dr. Santilli; a Jesuit Priest and Vatican Astronomer. When I started to study his “Santilli Telescope Method” that I fully understood that was what we had recreated. A more effective and more inexpensive model. Early Santilli Telescopes were upwards of $500,000 and possibly worth every penny. I couldn’t tell you because I never bought one.

Anyone who thinks the dome setup isnt a legit method of photography has obviously never used a telescope because it's the same basic method. I use the word "basic"because of how basic it is. It's a parabolic mirror and a lens. That's all that telescopes are as well. Reflector telescopes and Dobsonians.

If you haven't yet purchased your dome setup - it's never too late. Follow the three links below in order to purchase your dome setup now. You can be shooting the Santilli Telescope Method in just a few days from your purchase:

4"Glass Half Dome Paperweight

10x Magnification Beauty Mirror

Black Plastic Bowl (This cuts down on horizon noise)

For those of you that are new to our Skydome Atlantis research and even newer to our Santilli Telescope Method aka Shooting the Dome – it’s important that you study what I’ve included in this blog and understand that what we are showing in our images and videos are EVERYTHING we say it is. We are seeing, photographing and recording interdimensional entities and presenting them to you. It would help all of you come to terms with the reality of our research and especially our findings.

Skydome Atlantis is the theoretical base atop of the creators dome. This city is NOT floating inside of a zero g environment because that is NOT what space is. Space is NOT made up of a zero g environment. Instead it's made up of very sophisticated track systems, tethers, and recently I discovered they use A LOT of rail guns as relays in order to fake the track system where one is not available. They would use this relay system to transport themselves from A to B and sometimes C. This is a very strange construct and 100% real. There's nothing mythical about this place.

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