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Sept. 4, 2022

Calling Upon All Faith in the Skydome

Calling Upon All Faith in the Skydome

All Children of Faith; Believers in that which stays Unseen but NOT Unknown

Faith is Strong but Source is All Knowing and All Powerful 

Omnipresent and Omnipotent - Let Us ReJoice and Drink from his Offered Chalice

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Yes, Live on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,, - AJS*****.com (sorry, personal website);;;; HootSuite,  Twitch and of course Bigo Live Baby! Now just remember, we have about 5 accounts on each of these places mentioned above. Tonight's the night where we released Earth-Shattering, teeth-chattering, pancake-battering. tattoo-tattering, pumpkin-splattering, police dog-scattering news to booze the cruise no warm ups with lips as moon. Tonight we are going to do all but touch this not-so-mythological blue-blood-run base in the arch and expanse of the void. Held with tethers and secured to the track system it's called Skydome Atlantis for a great reason. I'm going to make that reason so crystal clear for anyone who cares to know. This information has always been available but it's NOT something that will chase you down. In this particular instance youré going to have to be the hunter.

Would you be a Skydome Atlantis Believer if You Could Reach Out and Touch it? 

Does the Same Apply to Your Feelings on a Creator? What About God?

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Keenan and I tore apart a very early aerial photo (1940s) of the Ford Motor Company in Pico Rivera CA, this is the hometown of my first house with Bexx. It was a great place and the first time you step foot in that city and hang out there for any extended period of time you quickly learn that it's got history.

This photo of the Ford Company has some serious strangeness in every corner of the photo. its really easy to pick out of a group with machinery, vehicles, structures and giants that shouldn't be there. I'm 100% sure now that the Ford company and the early technologies they were developing places them easily at OVER 100 years in the future and at the advantage of the technology of our civilian sector. I was so impressed by what they had developed and whom they have developed it with and even for.

Not only am I going to blow your wig back with this information and the accompanying visual data but I'm going to hit it out of the park with 3 men on base in the 9th while up by 100 while I'm at it. I"m going to sprinkle urine in that wound of yours along with very salty sand and hot sauce. I'm then going to bust out the blow torch and bring it to a toasty brown before tap dancing the theme to Orphan Annie while throwing up ample jazz hands and shuffling St. Louis style out the door with no encore.

Tonight we're throwing everything we have at them. Including the kitchen sink. We are going to show you the best of the best that we have plus more. Last night I was too tired to be streaming so I ended it quickly but not quickly enough to NOT have people already show up. MY point is that I owe everyone one hell of a show tonight and that is what I'll be doing. that is my only goal for tonight. So please be there tonight at 9PM PST - 11PM PST for the show of the century.

We're going to take a look at the old Ford Motors Company Pico Rivera CA and you're going to be shocked at what was all around this company and what probably continues to be around this company. I'm talking below, above and disguised at at their neighbors, disguised as the street out front, disguised as the mailbox. You're going to see a hidden array of lasers, weaponry, anti-aircraft defenses and even zero g technologies. Here's the thing - the imagery I'm gong to show you is from the 1940s but the things shown in these photos defy what was even possible at the time. You're going to see the SR-71 Blackbird at the Ford Plant back in the 1940s and possibly even back in the 30s. The greatest thing about it is that it's out in the open for everyone to see because it's so high tec nobody even know what they were looking at.

This is one trippy collection of photos that I'm planning on showing off tonight. Be sure to be there.