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Oct. 23, 2022

Boogie's BADA$$ Giveaway

Boogie's BADA$$ Giveaway

I'm Giving Away Over $7k 

Electronics, Lenses, Equipment and Stuff

A LOT of Stuff, Tons of Stuff

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
Try to partake in my special giveaway. I spent nearly $10k on some boss "stuff"and now you get to possess it. You just need to do 3 little things. You can do them all from your telephone. It truly is simply simple. Follow the headings in the video and the connections you will require are recorded beneath:

The Boogie Man Channel Sweepstake Giveaway - I bought i, Now it's Up to You to Take it Home!

1. My Bigo Live Link:
NOTE: Take a screenshot for me please

2. Borderline Insanity: Our Discord Chat Server
NOTE: TAke a Screenshot for me please

3. URL 1
NOTE: Just use this link - travel throughout the shop and stay on the site for at least 3 minutes. Check out the sale items, check out the packages. Please take screenshots. Thank you

Text me your name and your screenshots
or email:
THIS IS An Audio cue THAT WHEN PLAYED MAKES LIGHTNING STRIKE FROM THE SKY - To the extent that I Realize THIS Main WORKS IN Spots OF HIGH Dampness. THIS WAS Kept IN SOUTH FLORIDA - I Realize IT WORKS THERE However IT WAS Tried IN Different PLACES AND WORKED IN STATES LIKE LOUISIANA, ALABAMA, GEORGIA, FLORIDA AND TEXAS. I Accept IT WOULD WORK IN Numerous Different Spots - Kindly Make certain TO Utilize An Exceptionally Boisterous Arrangement OF SPEAKERS. YOUR Telephone ISN'T Clearly Sufficient all the time. In spite of the fact that IT WORKED FOR ME IT DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU WITH YOUR Telephone. Have a go at Utilizing SOMETHING Stronger - A Vehicle Sound system, A HOME Sound system. Boisterous Noisy. GO Off the deep end WITH IT. NOTE: If it's not too much trouble, let me know when it works for you. if it's not too much trouble, record your trials. **************************************************************************************
Anybody who might want to do the examination with the lightning join kindly download the sound example underneath:
Please let me know if you have any issues downloading the file. Thank you.
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