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Sept. 28, 2022

Are we in the middle of a intergalactic war? Is space real? Have I gotten it all wrong?

Are we in the middle of a intergalactic war? Is space real? Have I gotten it all wrong?

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
You all know that I'm extreme and my thoughts, theories and ideas are extreme. So I've gone out and found the most extreme polar opposite of myself, my thoughts, theories and ideas and we're going to listen and watch her presentation to see who's got more proof, who makes more sense and maybe even tie the two ideologies together at one point. Maybe we can connect some dots. Who knows, maybe we can connect a bunch of dots during this presentation but we won't know until we actually listen and stay open to the possibilities of what might be.

Are we in the middle of a intergalactic war?

Is space real?

Have I gotten it all wrong?

If you click on the player above and it shows nothing in return; that can only mean one thing. It means it's not yet 5:30PM PST. I say, you come back later (around 5:30PM PST) and try again. I guarantee it will work for you. 

Now, please know just because I'm showing something on my channel doesn't mean that I believe in it. This is for research reasons only. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment, research and for collecting as much data as we can. These sorts times on the channel are to ensure that we're not running down the wrong road with our heads cut off and following a maniac (me) to a cliff where we all fall off the side and die. That's what I've always tried to avoid on this channel. So please don't bombard me with comments that everything I say is inconsistent and that I'm a liar that I'm responsible for all of the wars and the death of Jesus. I am just a guy who makes videos...calm down everyone. Nobody likes a spaz. We can talk later about it.

Now, I think it would be healthy for all of us, myself and all of the fans and viewers of the channel to take a nice and healthy step back to collect our thoughts. We will use this time to study up on someone else's thoughts, theories and ideas and see where it takes us or how it takes us. I think it would be a very interesting thing to do. I would like to think that this lady is definitely a polar opposite of myself and I believe it would be a great way of grounding ourselves as we move forward into our next season of the show and our next leg of research.

Join us at 5:30PM PST for another amazing and live episode of Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC as we crack the code of the universe and find out if we've been headed down the wrong path this entire time or if we're still sane headed to the land of Milk and Honey. We shall soon see.

We'll see you all at 5:30PM - Boogie Out!

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