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Sept. 25, 2022

An example of how prejudice gets you nowhere, quick unless you're Jim Thorpe

An example of how prejudice gets you nowhere, quick unless you're Jim Thorpe

A Really Funny World of Hate

OK - Probably the Funniest World of Hate I've Ever Seen

This S*** is F***** Hilarious

Dot.Connector.Podcast by BMC
This is the funniest podcast on the internet right now. Of course we're still waiting on everyone in the world to catch up with us and fully understand what it is theyré watching and that it's a waste of time until they've ventured over to our show. That's when their time is productive and spent wisely. Tonight we tell a story of prejudice, a story of hatred and one that is so GD funny you may piss your pants. My grandfather (a white man) was hated on due to his Native American side - the side he didn't have. He was told to sit in the back of the bus, told to drink at non-white drink fountains and sit with his "Öwn Kind"at diners and church. The problem is my grandfather, at the time was very confused and having issues with discovering who "his own kind" may be. Now of course, his mother, my great grandmother had a great sense of humor and played off of this prejestice the best she could. At least to the point where it wouldn't get the poor kid hung by his neck in the town square or something crazy like that.

An example of how prejudice gets you nowhere,

quick unless you're Jim Thorpe

If you press play on this player above and nothing plays, that probably means it's NOT 5:30PM PST yet - if I were you I would come back at 5:30PM and try it again. Yep, I bet that works!

My Great Grandmother would send my Gramps to school looking more Native American than ever before as everyday she tried to outdo herself from the day before. She sent him with feathers in his hair, sometimes a small headdress of sorts - one made of pure flowers.

She told him it was called a peace dress - this one was to bring on friends, lovers and NO war. Now, of course the other kids hated the idea of anything that didn't support of promote bows and arrows to be had after or before school. Anything to keep my Grandpa alive and my Great Grandmother laughing throughout the day is the ONLY thing important here.

I'm positive I got my sense of humor from her - if I was only related to her that is.

My Grandfather's story is an ongoing on that we'll be covering every once in a while as I remember more details of the life of this amazing and not-so-indian-last-indian-to-attend-the-native-american-school here in Carlisle Pennsylvania. What a sad, sad story that there can be white people so filled with hate that they can take it upon themselves to send someone to a Native American School just because that white kid has a little too-much olive complexion to his skin.

Ready the pitchforks and the torches - we gonna lynch us some white folk ASAP. Yes - this is going to be another funny story. I really hope you're all ready for it.

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