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Dec. 29, 2022

Bill Gates & His Minions Officially Announce the Next Global Pandemic

Bill Gates & His Minions Officially Announce the Next Global Pandemic

In case you haven't yet heard, Bill Gates and his minions at the WHO - World Health Organization, some other organization and of course some other evil organization. It's starting, Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak, as well as the location for something called SEERS - Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025 - better known as SEERS, or at least that is what they'll be calling it soon. This is EXACTLY how they announced the last global pandemic that occurred in 2020-2022 and this is NOT something to take lightly or laugh off as a conspiracy theory. This is exactly how they do it. They announce it but make it look like it's an exercise or a simulation but in reality EVERYTHING they say that they fear about what "could come"really is about "to come." I really shouldn't need to tell you, or, by now I should have to tell you that this is exactly how it works in this sick and twisted world. Mr. Gates, or "Deep Throat"as we like to call him. "Anal Canaveral" as his friends and tops like to call him. Is the guy who is funding all of these types of warfare on the general public. He sees himself as a man that is responsible for keeping the population at a level which is balanced with nature. For some reason, once a person gets rich they start to see themself as working directly with God, their right or left hand if you will. How in the hell does money make someone feel or see themselves as this person or confidant of God? I really don't understand it. Ever since Bill Gates has struck it rich he feels it's his responsibility to end any overpopulation or acting as God's Celestial Messanger and Guardian of Heaven. I'm not sure where he got these thoughts, theories and ideas from but he better get them out of his head quickly before I stomp them out of his head even quicker.

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