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April 30, 2021
Attack of the Moon Birds: Unknown Winged Creatures Flying Around the Lunar Surface

Something Strange was Spotted on the Pink Super Moon This Certainly was A LOT of Birds Flying Around the Moon Last Night These Birds Weren't Facing the Camera -- They Were Facing the Moon BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL There were so m...

Something Strange was Spotted on the Pink Super Moon This Certainly was A LOT of Birds Flying Around the Moon Last Night These Birds Weren't Facing the Camera -- They Were Facing the Moon BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL There were so many Moon Birds flying around the Moon during the Pink Supermoon on April 27-29, 2021. I got tons of beautiful photos and videos of the Pink Super Moon. I had to share it with everyone. It was absolutely amazing. In this video I lay out all of the proofs you should need to understand that there are most definitely birds on the moon. I'm not sure how long they've been there or how real they even are. I video recorded at least 100 birds at different times throughout the night. All of these birds were facing the surface of the Moon and NOT to the earth. I've never seen anything like it and I needed to bring it to the attention of all of you. If you choose not to see it there is nothing I can do about that. But it's time someone put their neck out there to give you all the truth. Here it is. Attack of the Moon Birds: Unknown Winged Creatures All Over the Lunar Surface During the Pink Supermoon Check Out the Audio Only Version Here - We Always Got Your Back! ATTACK OF THE MOON BIRDS DURING THE PINK SUPER MOON - THESE UNKNOWN WINGED, FLYING CREATURES WERE CAUGHT FLYING ALL OVER THE LUNAR SURFACE. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:06 — 12.9MB) | EmbedThe first taste is free - after that, it'll cost ya kid! Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Android | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Blubrry | JioSaavn | Podchaser | Podcast Index | Email | TuneIn | Deezer | RSS | Pandemic Alert: This Podcast Blows Minds and Causes Brain Matter Splatter in Your Pancake Batter This podcast snippet is so good I play it all the time for my friends. The Moon birds are famous in my home! As they should be. MOON BIRDS ATTACK!!!   MOON BIRDS TRANSITING THE MOON LAST NIGHT Last night we photographed and video recorded at least 100 different flying animals I can only deem as “Moon Birds.” Here’s what was so weird about these Moon Birds There were absurd amounts of these birds transiting the face of the Moon all night. NOTE: This is weird because here in SoCal there are no birds that fly at night. I believe in America there are only two birds that can actually fly at night. Both are owls and one of them is on the endangered species list. Neither of these owls are in California. The bodies of these birds were faced away from us and the camera. Meaning we were taking photos of their backs overtop of their wings. These birds must’ve been closer to the Moon than to us and the camera. There are many reasons why I’m saying this. - Reason 1: When a subject is close to your camera when you zoom in on them or past them (like we did when we zoomed into the Moon which was passed the birds) their bodies become (1) large, (2) Grey and (3) see through. – Instead these birds’ body were small, solid and black. This means they were further away than where our camera was focusing. - Reason 2: The bodies of these birds were in focus like that of the surface of the Moon. We were using a Nikon P900 with a 3,000mm equivalent telephoto lens. This camera was NOT on the infinity setting as of yet meaning either the birds or the Moon should have been in focus while the other object should NOT have been. - Reason 3: The size of the bird was a dead giveaway in terms of the placement of these animals. Meaning – After we had our AMAZING CAMERA (3,000mm zoom lens) zoomed to the maximum the size of the birds were extremely small. Meaning – these birds were REALLY far away. There were so many birds transiting the Moon at any given time last night you would think that you would be able to at least see a large one without your camera or phone.

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