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Jan. 26, 2023

A rift in space and time caught on camera

This is one of the strangest captures you or I have ever seen or will see. This video is more than just the regular video that has me presenting some random strangeness for us all to enjoy. On this night I was doing a timelapse in the backyard, by pure chance I was doing 3-4 different camera angles at the same time in the backyard. One camera is pointed on closeup at the sky, another camera is recording the same part of the sky but not close up at all. Another camera is recording across my backyard into my neighbors backyard. That camera was catching a small patch of the sky. Finally, I had my cell phone doing a small timelapse and I really would've have bet it didn't catch anything. I would've lost that bet, because it caught all sorts of strangeness - just as much as the larger camera. This is one wild video I really wish more people would have watched it but unfortunately they didn't. Hardly anyone watched it. I was so sad to see that reality.

On Oct. 6 2022 there was a report called - The Milky Way Has Lost Half Of Its Weight – New Calculation Published. An international team of scientists working together to measure the Milky Way's mass found that it is about 550 billion times the mass of the Sun. The results were just released in the Royal Astronomical Society's journal, Monthly Notices. I may have caught something that coincides with these reports, with these findings. Here's the issue - I'm not sure anything was lost as much as it was packed together and has become more dense. Now, I can't explain how it lost it's weight but it does explain how it lost it's mass. either way, you really need to see what I've got for you this time. This is a true doozie for your koozie.

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Penelope Von Highlife

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Dope isn't even the word - doper than dope with a side of shutyomouth. Von Highlife is an indie artist unsigned to a label just like we like em'. Unscaved and untainted by the corporate BS and all about the music. This girl will sing and rap to the repetitive sounds of creaking steps, the wind in the trees and a harp to a high hat - as long as it sounds dope. She's quite known for taking music to the next level and I couldn't stop thinking about the lead singer from Portishead everytime we all hung out. No matter what the night has in store - P is always the musical entertainment. It's not because she wants too - it's becase we all want her too. There's a big difference there. She doesn't force sound on you. In fact she's dripping and your sucking on the hose to get more fresh to flow on these hot summer nights where her sound is cool AF. Bonfire beast mode, songbird of the real OC - this is how I would describe in less words. 

Penelope will be joining us tonight for the musical halftime. I'm excited. You should be too.

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Born in Dallas Texas, now live in Mendocino CA. Homeless train hoping kid to a father of one fell in love with the only job I could ever see myself working -forestry TEC - with an eye to the sky.

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I have sort of a long story to tell, but to sum it up...I am a wife and mother of 5 . 3 girls 27,26 (and whom was my best friends youngest daughter who died from a murder suicide)and my youngest 22 (who is ready to give birth to her first child any day now!) 2 boys, my eldest would have been 34 August 26th who died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl (that wasn't supposed to be in it) who left behind 3 beautiful young girls and one hadn't even been born yet). And his younger brother who is 30. I am working on getting my license to rehab squirrels at the moment and we're in the middle of trying to move a mobile home on to our farm for us to live in!

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